A Family Guide for Easter Week

Watch for daily posts to help maximize spiritual discussions this Easter season with your family. Each day you’ll find easy-to-implement ideas and conversations for use from Palm Sunday to Easter.

Palm Sunday:Palm Sunday Courtyard picture photo

  • Read John 12:12-15
  • What did people shout as Jesus entered the city riding a donkey? [They shouted, “Hosanna!” which means, “Save us!”]
  • Do you think they realized that Jesus would need to die on a cross to bring them salvation? [No. In fact, Jesus had to explain it to His closest followers. John 12:20-33]

Faith Talk:

A parent stands at the top of a set of stairs, pretending to be in heaven. The parent invites the child(ren) to join him upstairs (in heaven) but they must follow one certain rule to get upstairs.
          The child(ren) cannot touch the stairs or the railing.
Let them ponder the seeming impossibility and consider their dilemma. If they cannot figure out the solution, encourage the child to invite you to come downstairs and show them the solution.
The parent comes downstairs, puts the child on his/her back, and carries the child upstairs.
Explain the parallel: Jesus came down from heaven to provide a way to heaven. Jesus is The Way! We would never be able to get to heaven by our own efforts.


Consider the excitement and anticipation of those who saw Jesus enter Jerusalem that first Palm Sunday. Share this excitement with your family and thank God for the week of celebration leading up to Easter.

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