Holy Week – Good Friday

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter – the week Christians celebrate each year to remind us of God’s amazing Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus. Create daily conversations to celebrate Easter with your family.

Faith Talk – CLICK HERE for complete details

  • As a family, nail two boards together to form a cross. (or draw a cross on a poster board or large sheet of paper)
  • Read Romans 3:23 together.hqdefault
  • Each family member should receive an index card and write their name on the top. Underneath, write some of their “sins” (ex. deceit, anger, jealousy, gossiping). Younger children can draw pictures.
  • Read Romans 5:8 and 6:23
  • Take turns nailing (or attaching) each card to the cross thanking God for His gift of forgiveness.

For families with older children/teens: 
Watch one of the following films that depicts Jesus’ trial, scourging, and death (both are available in the Bellevue Library):
** The Gospel of John: This 2003 film depicts Christ’s death and resurrection as well as other scenes word-for-word from John’s gospel.
** The Jesus Film: This two-hour docudrama shows the life of Christ as detailed in the gospel of Luke.Jesus Film


Lord Jesus, thank you for loving me enough to die on the cross for my sins…ALL my sins. Thank you for the gift of forgiveness – full, free, and forever. Amen.

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