Holy Week – Saturday – Easter Eve!

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter – the week Christians celebrate each year to remind us of God’s amazing Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus. Create daily conversations to celebrate Easter with your family.

Faith Talk

  • Read Matthew 27:57-6611
  • Who were some of Jesus’ friends? Imagine how they could have felt the day after Jesus died.
    • Peter – He could have felt ashamed and guilty after denying he even knew Jesus the night before.
    • Mary – In the midst of her sorrow, she could have been confused as to why her Son has to die. He was not guilty. He was God.
    • Pilate – He may have felt nervous because he knowingly condemned an innocent man to death.
    • Discuss how others may have felt.
    • Even though Jesus said He would rise again, no one was encouraging everyone to be patient one more day. No one was waiting in joyful anticipation for Easter morning. Why do you think this was so?
    • When we experience pain and disappointment, how can our confidence that Jesus is alive encourage us in the waiting?


Lord Jesus, thank you for Easter Eve because we know that Easter Sunday is coming! The sadness and confusion of that Easter Eve is NOT the way we have to feel today, or any day! Thank you, Jesus, for Your death so we can have life. Amen.

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