Dr. Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages, explains how love can be expressed in five powerful HP_5_Love_Languagesways listed below. For a brief description of each language, download the Faith Talk HERE. For a more detailed description, pick up The Five Love Languages, at Bellevue’s Library or Bookstore.

  • Physical Touch
  • Acts of Service
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Quality Time
  • Gifts

Expressing love to your spouse can be compared to making ongoing deposits into your bank account. Consider using a few of the creative ideas below to invest love in your marriage.

Low/No Cost ideas to express love to your husband:

  • Decorate index cards as coupons for your husband to redeem for things such as:
    • Foot massage
    • Car washHP_couple_in_park
    • Walk in the park
    • Candlelight dinner with favorite dish
  • Make multiple cards/notes, each emphasizing a character quality you respect about your husband. If you use these for Valentine’s Day, make 14 cards and give one a day beginning February 1.
  • Plan an “after-dark date” after the kids go to bed. Light candles and enjoy a special dessert or movie.
  • Think of twelve creative, low-cost dates and organize them into a decorated box, one date for each month of the year. Suggestions include:
    • Bake cookies together
    • Walk around the neighborhood or to a nearby park
    • Take a trip to the zoo on a free entrance day
  • Using a pad of sticky notes, write on each sheet: I respect you because _________, or I love you because ________. Stick them to the inside of his car, a bathroom mirror, or on his desk at work.
  • Purchase a heart-shaped dish and cook his favorite casserole or dessert in a “love” dish.
  • Fill a jar with his favorite nuts and secretly place on his desk at work. Make a label on top that says, “I’m nuts about you.”

CLICK HERE to download the complete Faith Talk.