There are many renditions of this Christmas classic. Select your favorite version and plan a family night this week. Stop by a Home Point Resource Center for this and other valuable Christmas faith building ideas.

Things you’ll need:

  • Buy/rent/view your favorite version of A Christmas Carol
  • Movie snacks (optional)

Faith Talk

Family movie night chats are most effective when used as dialogue rather than for teaching. The following discussion guide is an entry point to conversation. It’s ok to have different perspectives. Focus on strengthening your listening skills and look for opportunities to encourage your child’s critical and insightful thinking.

  1. Discuss the attitude of Scrooge (being rich) and his nephew (being poor) concerning Christmas. How can a rich man be so sad and a poor man so joyful?
  2. Scrooge’s business comes first. Ben Franklin said, “Watch your pennies and the dollars will take care of themselves.” Are these feelings toward finances similar or different?
  3. Describe the different emotions Scrooge experiences during the visit from the Ghost of Christmas Past.
  4. Describe how the pursuit of wealth can affect a person.
  5. During the visit from the Ghost of Christmas Present, describe the feeling and emotions expressed during Bob Cratchit’s family Christmas dinner.
  6. Would you prefer to live in a home rich in wealth and poor in love, or a home rich in love and poor in wealth? Why?
  7. What is the greatest insight Scrooge received from his visit with the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come?
  8. How do you want people to view you? What are you currently doing to make that desire a reality?
  9. How can you have an impact that lasts longer than your life?
  10. Ebenezer Scrooge demonstrates the choice each of us must make—to follow our own selfish nature or to submit to God and begin to reflect His image in our attitudes and actions. What other spiritual lessons can be seen in The Christmas Carol?


  1. During the Christmas season look for opportunities for you to display a giving and selfless attitude. Affirm your child when he/she makes a wise choice in action or in attitude.
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