Adult 50s

Adults in their 50s are often thought to be relationship-rich with growing kids, aging parents, pivotal work responsibilities, established community commitments and church involvements. However, roles aren’t relationships. Life Groups connect people, encouraging one another as they walk through the same stage of life. Whether married or single, Life Groups connect people with the Word of God in the realities of life through the authentic relationships.

We look forward to helping you connect through a Life Group at 8:00, 9:20 or 11:00 a.m. this Sunday! You can review the list of Life Groups below, and email us or call the Adult 50s and Adult Singles Ministry office at (901) 347-5660.

Orchestra Life Group

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Larry & Pam Anderson
Bellevue Arlington Annex, Mondays @ 6:30 p.m.

Busy with preparations for each Sunday’s Worship times, the Orchestra Life Group, meets on Monday evenings at the Bellevue Arlington Annex. Larry & Pam raised their children here at Bellevue while developing their own family business and family music group.

8:00 a.m.


His Precinct





Eddie &Teri Boon
Location: W282


“His Precinct” Life Group is open to all those serving in law enforcement and their spouses. The fellowship that grows among this group is rich by the life they share together. Actively serving with the Arkansas State Police, Eddie has a passion to reach other law enforcement officers with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Eddie and Teri are active in the Centurions for Christ ministry, and enjoy any time they have with their grandbaby!


Choir Life Group





Phil & Mary Gowen
Location: Choir Room


Our Choir Life Group encourages Adult Choir members through the Word of God as they prepare to lead in worship each Sunday morning. Phil and his wife, Mary, spend their lives serving others both in the marketplace and in the ministry. Phil is a manager for a local service company and Mary manages the LifeWay store in Cordova.



Darrell & Eleece Nephew
Location: W247


The Nephew Life Group seeks numerous ways to build marriages and families through practical teaching in God’s Word and attentive ministry to participants’ needs. Parents of five and new grandparents of one, Darrell & Eleece, know the realities of each stage of marriage. Darrell works for Tucker Saddles and Eleece is a homemaker, mentor, and gifted vocalist.



Don & Diane Richards
Location: W239


The Richards Life Group ministers to those who are about to be or are empty-nesters through lecture and discussion. This class has a passion to dig deep into God’s Word with studies lasting weeks at a time. In his spare time, Don enjoys golfing and reading in his spare time. He and his wife, Diane, have been married nine years.



Keith & Becky Smith
Location: W258


The Smith Life Group is a model for those who seek authentic fellowship and the opportunity to serve alongside other believers. Engaging discussions with couples who have both high school and college age children, these families welcome others with the love of Jesus. Keith works in the insurance industry as Becky continues to invest in their daughters, Community Missions and Volunteer Services.



Warren & Mary Ellen Ward
Location: W284


The Ward Life Group reaches both Adult Marrieds and Adult Singles in their 50s-60s through Bible study, Life Group socials, and shared ministry events. Many of their Life Group serve in ministries throughout Bellevue. Warren and Mary Ellen are recent retirees that have re-fired themselves in sharing Jesus and making disciples.


Steve & Lori Williams
Location: W244


Steve and Lori minister to the members of their Life Group through class discussion. This class reaches those who have older children and/or are empty nesters. They are a close group who enjoy fellowship with one another on a regular basis. Steve and Lori have three children and he enjoys golfing and spending time with his grandchildren.



Steve & Kay Wherry
Location: W279


The Wherry Life Group has discussion and lecture-driven lessons with a lot of time given to fellowshipping with one another. This is a caring group who are faithful in ministering to needs of others in class. Steve and his wife, Kay, have three children. In his spare time, Steve enjoys taking time to exercise.


Colin Richmond
Location: W266

The Richmond Life Group serves Adult Singles in their 40s-50s. The Life Group illustrates honest friendship and encouraging ministry. The lessons are mainly lecture-style teaching with some discussion at the end of each session. Colin truly loves the Lord and other people, not just teaching about Bellevue’s values, but living them out daily. Colin makes everyone feel welcome and wanted. Colin also loves singing in our Adult Choir, and acting, filling the role of a magi in Bellevue’s Singing Christmas Tree.

9:20 a.m.


Philip & Susan Babin
Location: W239


Reaching couples with both high schoolers and young children, the Babin Life Group is full of energy and opportunities to connect with other couples in their 40s and 50s. Philip works as an accountant and instructor at the University of Memphis, while Susan invests in their family and adults with special needs.


Mike & Wendy Crouch
Location: W228


The Crouch Life Group testifies to the broad reach the Lord has granted to Bellevue. Including people from every background and profession, their time together is a mix of teaching and discussion. The class focuses on growing believers in the Word and into ministry. Mike serves as Minister, Equip and Adult 50s Life Groups at Bellevue, and Wendy is a Math teacher at Macon Road Baptist School.


David & Calli Moskovitz
Location: W280


The Moskovitz Life Group reaches Married Adult50s through rich friendships, focused study of God’s Word, and a desire to serve the Lord together, Investing to see each person in the group grow in their intimacy with Jesus, David most often uses a lecture teaching approach that challenges others to think through their faith. David, a retired Memphis Firefighter, now works for a local auto dealership and volunteers with Prison Ministry and Youth Villages. Calli continues to invest in children as a teacher in the Shelby County Schools.


Micky & Judy Pearson
Location: W260


The Pearson Life Group serves Married Adult50s, with children in high school and college. The group uses primarily discussion to communicate the truth and application of the Scriptures, meeting guests at their point of need through faithful teaching, intentional hospitality, and personal ministry. Micky and Judy have two children. He has long enjoyed running, and is now pursuing both cycling and hunting.


David & Trish Peel
Location: W223


The Peel Life Group is discussion-oriented with couples who have school-aged children. Discussion in class leads to authentic sharing of each other’s lives and how to cope with life matters. David and Trish are currently raising three teenagers. David ministers overseas on international mission trips and spends free time writing books.


Mike & Lisa Pruett
Location: W226


From the beginning, the Pruett Life Group has reached a variety of couples and individuals through a sincere love for both God and other people. With consistent effort, this Life Group builds people in specific areas of need, blessing marriages and families. While parenting their young adult children, Mike is an internal medicine doctor and Lisa works as the practice’s office manager.


Donnie & Linda Johnson


Location: W266

The Johnson Life Group reaches Adult Singles 40s and older. Group sessions on Sundays are mainly discussion with brief teaching times to further the understanding of the Scriptures and make further applications. Donnie certainly enjoys teaching God’s Word! He and Linda both love to see people growing in their relationship with Jesus. Currently, they are seeing what life looks like post-retirement, by getting involved, and involving their Life Group, in further ministry and missions opportunities .

Wade & Lila Volner
Location: W264

The Volner Life Group consists of Adult Singles in their late 30s-40s. The group uses lots of discussion in the teaching time with an occasional time of brief lecture. Welcoming guests with the love of Jesus and connecting with others are the focus of this engaging Life Group for Adult Singles. Wade & Lila Volner have been married for 15 years, love fellowshipping with their Life Group, and helping others mature in their walk with the Lord. Wade teaches weekly Bible studies at Youth Villages, as well as coordinating Sunday trips for the kids at Youth Villages to hear God’s Word preached at Bellevue.

11:00 a.m.



Mark & Diane Gates
Location: W247

The Gates Life Group illustrates intentional hospitality toward each guest and builds members toward their calling in Christ. Using a mix of teaching and discussion, the group experience the shared journey of faith and life weekly. Mark serves as Minister, Adult 4 Life Groups and Pastoral Care at Bellevue, while Diane is a homemaker & mother to their three children.

Wallace & Kam Lock
Location: W226

The Lock Life Group includes Adults, 40-70, who enjoy studying the Bible, serving Bellevue together, and practicing intentional hospitality through fellowship and discussions each Sunday morning. Wallace is a gifted teacher who loves to see others grow in the Lord. Wallace is a businessman who enjoys building model ships, Wallace and Kam have three, young adult sons.

David & Mary Lou Lowrance
Location: W238

Walking through and in the Word of God creates abundant opportunity for transforming discussions in the Lowrance Life Group. Focusing on the richness relevancy of the Scriptures for all of life, the group offers guests and members alike encouragement that builds faith. David is an attorney and business man, while invests in Women’s Ministry and Missions efforts.


David & Charlotte Sterling

The Sterling Life Group is a mix of lecture and discussion. It’s a connected group who share life and support each other. David and Charlotte have a tight-knit family who enjoy ministering to others together. They have two daughters.


J.J. Jikong (men only)
Location: W248

The Jikong Life Group offers men a place to connect with others who face similar challenges in the workplace and in relationships. With a focus on building men in their personal faith, the group focuses upon the basics of the faith and developing spiritual maturity through mutual encouragement and ministry involvement.


Lisa Boswell
Location: W264

The Boswell Life Group for women models making disciples through teaching and group discussion. The group rejoices as ladies join one another in the journey of faith through Bible study, ministry action, and fellowship opportunities. Lisa works for Hormel Foods, and enjoys time with her family, especially that new grandbaby!