Adult 40s

Welcome to life in the 40s! For most of us, this can be the busiest season of life, yet it’s a time when we need to be most intentional spiritually and relationally. Connecting in a Life Group is a great step toward growing and serving with others in your same stage of life. Please check out our different Life Groups below and plan to visit one this Sunday.

8:00 a.m.

Cullen and Pat Beard
Location: E344
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Cullen Beard’s life group is about real-world sharing of Biblical best practices and application of Scriptural principles for growth and maturity in all areas of our lives. They desire to equip you in your marriage and parenting and provide opportunities to serve both inside and outside of the class.


Cullen and Pat have been married for 34 years and have 7 children, most are now adults, and some still live at home. Cullen is the president at Personal Lawn Care Inc.

Travis and Maggie Harms
Location: E348
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Our Life Group is focused on bible study, prayer, and fellowship. Our class structure is primarily a lecture style with opportunities for discussion. We often go through a lesson series based on a book of the Bible.


Travis has been teaching in a Life Group for 12 years. Travis and his wife, Maggie, have been married for 14 years and they have three children ages 11, 8, and 6. Travis is a financial analyst and Maggie is a stay at home mom.

John Desmarais
Location: E342
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John and Sue have been a team since they first met in high school over 40 years ago, and consider themselves incredibly blessed to be traveling through this life together! The Lord has blessed them with two children by birth, another two by marriage and eight awesome grandchildren; all living just minutes away from their home! They also enjoy reading, studying and writing their own lessons to share with the class.


Our class is an eclectic group; some single, some married, some older than others, but all love the Lord, His Word and one another! We especially love digging through a particular book of the Bible, chapter by chapter,  to discover all the treasure hidden within that we can! Everyone member is encouraged to share all of their findings and when we’re through, we’re often amazed at all we’ve discovered!


John & Betty Russell
Location: E346

John and Betty Russell have been members of Bellevue for nearly 25 years. They have been married for 34 years and have three children and four grandchildren.


We strive to Love God and Love People. Our class is made up of couples whos how intentional hospitality to everyone. The lessons vary, but they all cover God’s Word as it applies to everyday life. We are very informal and class participation is encouraged on the lesson topics. We would love for you to visit us Sunday morning.


Colin Richmond
Location: W266

The Richmond Life Group serves Adult Singles in their 40s-50s. The Life Group illustrates honest friendship and encouraging ministry. The lessons are mainly lecture style teaching with some discussion at the end of each session. Colin truly loves the Lord and other people, not just teaching about Bellevue’s values, but living them out daily. Colin makes everyone feel welcome and wanted. Colin also loves singing in our Adult Choir, and acting, filling the role of a magi in Bellevue’s Singing Christmas Tree.

9:20 a.m.


Craig and Jean Stockdale
Location: W256
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Our Life Group is built on Craig and Jean’s team teaching as well as a welcoming environment. Jean and I team-teach each week. Both of us have typically taught large classes in lecture format but I would describe our current style as “Interactive Lecture”. We typically teach through books of the Bible so the reading and studying is contextual and consistent with the Biblical revelation.


Craig and Jean have been teaching for 35 years. They have been married for 41 and their two boys are married with families and “out on their own”. Craig and Jean are transitioning into ministry. Together, they enjoy training pastors and church leaders internationally several times a year. They also do some marriage or family conferences, and Jean is a sought after women’s conference speaker.


Tim and Susan Shelton
Location: W249
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Our Life Group is a community of couples who are striving to lead intentional families. We meet to be equipped as spouses and parents to Love God, Love People, Share Jesus, and Make Disciples. We value teaching from the Bible that aligns with what our younger children (birth-3rd grade) are learning in their Life Groups. This prepares us for family conversations that build faith at home. Couples will be challenged to be intentional in their marriage and parenting with time in class given weekly to share ideas and encouragement. Our sweet spot is couples in their late 30s-mid 40s.

We’d love to have you check out our class this Sunday. You’ll be welcomed, made to feel comfortable, and you’ll meet other couples in your same stage of life. We believe this is a place where you will fit in, make friends, and find a place to serve.


After more than a decade in the corporate world, Tim entered ministry and completed his Masters of Divinity at Mid-America Seminary. He has served on Bellevue’s staff for over 14 years in various positions. Tim is currently serving as Minister to Adults and Families. Family is a big part of his life and he and He and his wife Susan, a Physician’s Assistant at St. Jude, have 5 sons. ranging in age from 15 years old to 4. As a family, they enjoy an active lifestyle at home, Bellevue, and Evangelical Christian School where the boys attend.



Donnie & Linda Johnson
Location: W266

The Johnson Life Group reaches Adult Singles 40s and older. Group sessions on Sundays are mainly discussion with brief teaching times to further the understanding of the Scriptures and make further applications. Donnie certainly enjoys teaching God’s Word! He and Linda both love to see people growing in their relationship with Jesus. Currently, they are seeing what life looks like post-retirement, by getting involved, and involving their Life Group, in further ministry and missions opportunities .

Wade & Lila Volner
Location: W264

The Volner Life Group consists of Adult Singles in their late 30s-40s. The group uses lots of discussion in the teaching time with an occasional time of brief lecture. Welcoming guests with the love of Jesus and connecting with others are the focus of this engaging Life Group for Adult Singles. Wade & Lila Volner have been married for 15 years, love fellowshipping with their Life Group, and helping others mature in their walk with the Lord. Wade teaches weekly Bible studies at Youth Villages, as well as coordinating Sunday trips for the kids at Youth Villages to hear God’s Word preached at Bellevue.

11:00 a.m.

Chad and Kristi Hall
Location: E342
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Our Life Group places a strong focus on small groups where people can connect with one another outside of class. This is where friendships are deepened and growth is realized as we “do life” together. We focus on two core values: intentional hospitality and transparency.


Chad has been teaching a life group for over 4 years. Chad and his wife, Kristi, have been married for over 17 years and have three sons. Chad works for True Temper Sports and Kristi is a stay at home mom and professional artist.

Bob and Jodi Kendall
Location: E348
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The Kendall Life Group primarily seeks to search out the scriptures in the same spirit as the Bereans of Acts 17. They also enjoy sweet fellowship among their couples as they ‘Do Life Together’ praying for and discipling one another.
Bob and Jodi Kendall have been married for 22 years and have two sons. Bob retired from the Navy in 2016 and is now employed with Methodist Healthcare.  Jodi is a Special Education Teaching Assistant at Lakeland Elementary School.

The Vine

Aigo and Milla Pyles
Location: E336

Our life group places a focus on teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ by Loving God, Loving People, Loving Jesus, and Making Disciples. We would like to impact the Portuguese speaking community here in Memphis TN, by sharing the word of Jesus. The goal is to connect with people not only on Sundays but in everyday life by sharing the word of God, by helping one another, and by serving one another. We want to reach people in our generation. “Our burden is to edify a church of overcomers where every member is a minister and every house an extension of the church, thereby conquering our generation for Christ through the life-groups that multiply”.


Aigo has been teaching a Life Group in Brazil since 2005 and here in the United States since 2015. He and his wife, Ludmilla  “Milla”, have been married for almost 14 years and have three kids, two daughters and a son. Aigo is a financial planner and has his own company that invests in the revitalization of homes in Memphis. Milla is a stay-home mother and a singer. She launched her CD in 2015 called “Grace”. She now serves the Lord by singing in the Bellevue Choir.



Lisa Boswell
Location: W264

The Boswell Life Group for women models making disciples through teaching and group discussion. The group rejoices as ladies join one another in the journey of faith through Bible study, ministry action, and fellowship opportunities. Lisa works for Hormel Foods, and enjoys time with her family, especially that new grandbaby!

Greg Nelson
Location: W268

The Nelson Life Group serves Adult Singles Coeds in their 40s-50s each week through Bible study and discussion. As a servant-leader, Greg models an intentional investment in his extended family, the Life Group, multiple ministries at Bellevue, and his beloved community.