Holy Week – Thursday

Holy Week is the week from Palm Sunday to Easter – the week Christians celebrate each year to remind us of God’s amazing Gift of Salvation through His Son, Jesus. Create daily conversations to celebrate Easter with your family.

Faith Talk1280px-Mihaly_Munkacsy_-_Le_Christ_devant_Pilate_-_1881

  • Read Luke 23:13-34.
  • Pilate did not initially agree to have Jesus condemned and put to death. However, the crowd grew stronger and began to riot and according to John 19, Pilate grew more afraid and changed his mind. How should we handle situations when others want to influence our decisions? Discuss options.
  • Many in the crowd who were yelling “crucify Him!” were yelling “Hosanna” earlier in the week when Jesus entered into Jerusalem. How would you feel if your friends turned their anger toward you?
  • Jesus did not get angry. He prayed for them, “Father, please forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing.” What kind of love is this?


Lord Jesus, thank you for Your willingness to forgive us even when we do the most terrible things. Help us give grace to others just as we have received Your grace. Amen.

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