Care Groups

The CARE Group Ministry offers support and guidance to anyone facing life issues.

Wednesdays, January 10–April 4 | 6:30 p.m. | Free

Each Care Group is designed to help hurting, struggling people pursue a passionate relationship with Christ.

  • Groups are open to Bellevue members and non-members at no cost.
  • Childcare is provided on Wednesday evenings.
  • Register online or in the classroom on the first night you attend.

Career Transitions Schedule

Breaking Free from Addictions Schedule

Daily Challenges
Of Life

Marriage Works!

W152 | Jamie Fish/Blake and Becky Clay/Ricky and Janet McCoy

Do you dream of having a better marriage? It’s not beyond your reach! This group addresses pertinent issues all couples face. Learn how to apply godly principles and experience a relationship that is more than you have ever dreamed.


Young Warriors (boys ages 9–14)

W145 | Bobby Gorman/Dick Rodewald/Ken King/Matthew Whinghter

Many boys today lack any model of authentic, godly manhood. By learning character traits of biblical heroes, having lively conversations, and enjoying group activities, boys build life-changing relationships with faithful men as well as other boys. Our leaders also talk with moms to understand the battles each young warrior faces.


Help for Difficult Seasons (women only)

W147 | Dee Weddle/Denese Shumaker/Jamae Zarshenas

If you are desperate for a change in your life or family, the James MacDonald study Think Differently will bring you face to face with the certainty that anything is possible with God, but nothing will change until your thinking changes. The battle is won or lost in our mind, and what we think determines our actions, attitudes and self-awareness. This study will help you discover how God wants you to think in any season and every situation.


Restored Hope

W244 | Wallace Lock | Meets the first Wednesday of every month

The heart-wrenching declaration that someone has chosen an “alternative lifestyle” is increasingly heard in homes across America. This group provides scriptural guidance, compassionate advice, encouragement, and practical counsel for the loved ones of those who are struggling.


Hope After Betrayal (women only)

W150 | Lainie Hale/Rose Tew

“Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but desire fulfilled is a tree of life!” Proverbs 13:12 NASB®

While it may take several forms in a relationship, betrayal, disappointment, confusion, shame, isolation, and deep emotional wounds are all indicative of the devastating consequences of domestic abuse. This group supports women as they find emotional and spiritual healing for their wounded hearts!


The Smart Step-Family: Blending of Families Successfully!

W242 | Paul and Brenda Richter

With help from the DVD series The Smart Step-Family, gain wisdom and guidance from experienced couples and learn essential biblical principles for a healthy merging of families.

Life Crisis

Alongside Addictions

W154 | Dr. Richard and Mrs. Elaine Leggett

Alcohol and drug abuse can create havoc in more than just the addict’s life. Those who are coping with a loved one’s addiction will receive support, spiritual guidance, and godly wisdom.


Breaking Free From Addictions (men only)

Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays | 6:30 p.m. | W140
Mike O’Bryant/Dave Tatum/Jim Chambers/George Campbell

The battle you face with addictions has already been won through the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ. Grow in your understanding and application of God’s Word as you break free. For a list of times that the group will NOT meet, click here.


Grieving the Loss of a Loved One

W141 I Ron Jerkins/Carole Wayman/Treva Pedigo/Pam Chrestman

Has your loss left you feeling emotionally numb, detached, and lonely? Receive support, encouragement, and biblical answers as you begin the healing process.


While We're Waiting

W244 | Sean and Heather Ellis
Meets the Second Wednesday of Every Month

This group is for anyone who has lost a child from the age of conception to adulthood to offer support, encouragement, and healing.

Recovering from Divorce

W156 | David and Julie Cowsert/Mark and Kathryn Wiggs

Will the pain ever subside? How will I make it nancially and emotionally? Answer these questions and more as you journey together to begin the healing process.


Separated But Not Severed

W144 IScott and Karen Vogelsang

You may be physically or emotionally separated from your spouse. Learn biblical principles and insights for healing and reconciliation for broken relationships.


Women of Worth (women only)

W151 | Leslie Hollowell/Denise Howard

Connecting genuine faith to everyday living can be elusive. This challenge can lead to struggles in relationships, poor decision making, and often results in addictive and destructive behavior. As you take a personal walk through the Psalms, you will find the common experience and hope we share on this path. You will draw near to our heavenly Father who cares for you and is with you in your struggle. This group interaction will also help connect you to others on similar paths. God hears, He cares, and He is with us every step of our journey.


Thriving With Cancer (women only)

W142 I Jenny Dyson/Wanda Morrow/Alex Micolta/Sherry Tacker

Have you been devastated by a cancer diagnosis? Don’t feel isolated; join other “thrivers” who will come beside you and pray for you as you celebrate life together.



Alternate Days

Career Transitions

Fridays I 1:00 p.m. I W125 I Paul Van Der Merwe

Are you seeking employment? Receive job listings, job interview training, résumé construction help, and more that will help you secure a job in the current marketplace.


Every Man's Battle

Call (901) 347-5830 for information.

Are you battling sexual temptation, lust, or pornography? Receive structure, support, and encouragement to experience the victory God has for you.

Biblical Counseling
  • Available Monday–Thursday
  • Offered to members and non-members at no cost
  • For an appointment call (901) 347-5830.