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Prioritize Community

bellevue blog Prioritize CommunityAs summer travel plans start to wind down, it’s a great time to set new goals and reconnect with your community before fall begins. As believers, we recognize the value of community reflected throughout the Bible. Jesus exemplifies...

Cheering for Jesus

bellevue blog Cheering for JesusIn the busyness and rush of day-to-day life, our perspective can narrow; we tend to focus on earthly matters, rather than eternal matters. Many times, the best way to widen our perspective is to look at our circumstances through the...

Get Ready for CampOutrageous

bellevue blog Get Ready for CampOutrageous!For the first time since summer 2019, CampOutrageous, Bellevue’s Vacation Bible School, will be hosted in person, and we are thrilled to share this incredible ministry opportunity with you! During an exciting week filled with...

The Power of Shared Suffering

Over the last year, the world has faced many challenges and heartbreaks. Now is the time to band together as family, believers, coworkers, or friends, creating a connection and bond that will serve us in our homes, our church, and in our communities for a lifetime.

Training Up New Believers

Mature Christians strengthen their church, and if we can be a part of helping new believers mature, then we are fulfilling our Vision to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond.

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