Dealing with Pornography


Below we take an honest look at a problem that continues to stunt the spiritual, mental, and emotional growth of students as well as many adults: PORNOGRAPHY. Access to pornography is at an all-time high and the effects of viewing pornography can be clearly seen in our society.

As a parent, what can you do; what role do you have in this issue? As a parent, how can you equip your student to defend against the onslaught of pornography being pushed towards them? Prayer is the key! That cannot be stated enough. You will also find some resources in this Parent Newsletter Edition that will equip you as you seek to lead your student towards all that God has for them. This ministry is praying for you as you go to battle on your students behalf!

Closing the Window:
Steps to Living Porn Free

The Digital Invasion: How Technology Is Shaping You and Your Relationships