Everyone Needs a Group

At Bellevue, we believe Everyone Needs a Group! We offer many types of Groups and each exists to help strengthen your relationship with the Lord, build community, support accountability, and offer encouragement. Check out our list of Groups and choose the one that’s right for you.

Get Involved

Discover how discipleship will change you, your future, and those around you. Whether you are interested in joining the discipleship process or leading others in it, register to join a group with whom you can connect, pray, and dive deep into God’s Word.

For more information, contact:

Bill Street
Minister of Evangelism and Discipleship
(901) 347-575

A word on Discipleship

A Word on Discipleship: Soldier

The latest video in “A Word on Discipleship” series. Being a solider of Christ is following your Lord and fulfilling your calling. ‘The Lord is a warrior; the Lord is his name. ‘ Exodus 15:3 


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What is Discipleship?

Bellevue’s mission is to Love God, Love People, Share Jesus, and Make Disciples.

Intentional—Disciple making is an intentional process of seeing Christians come to maturity. Maturity is not merely an accumulation of knowledge, but rather a life of joyful, obedient devotion

Transforming—Discipleship transforms you in to the person Christ has called you to be. D.L. Moody said, “You can draw a man no closer to Christ than where you are.” In a disciple-making relationship, personal godliness becomes a reality.

Relational—There are no lone rangers in the Body of Christ. We are called to be accountable to other Christians as we develop meaningful relationships with Jesus and others.Christ-Centered—Disciple making is all about becoming more like Jesus and obeying Him.

Bible-based—You will be challenged to dig deeper into God’s Word as you take in Scripture regularly. There are no shortcuts to godliness.

Our Disciple-Making Process
  • Meeting weekly with a group of 3 or 4 people.
  • Reading through the Bible in a year and sharing what God is saying to you.
  • Memorizing Bible verses that relate to the weekly study.
  • Reading four books and discussing what God is teaching you.
  • Learn how to share Christ with others.
  • Experience a loving, encouraging, challenging fellowship with others.

The One Year Plan for Disciple Making

Resources for Disciple-Making Group Leaders


How to Take Attendance for Discipleship Groups Using the Bellevue App

Learn how to take attendance for your Discipleship Group by watching this helpful video!