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Family Picnic

A biblical discipleship journey equipping parents to engage their children in biblical truth.

Outdoor Adventure

Family Picnic

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Backyard or public park

Biblical Truth

Serve each other




“Love one another deeply as brothers and sisters. Take the lead in honoring one another.” Romans 12:10

Talking Points

Shake up the normal family mealtime by going outside and having a picnic. Find a spot in the shade in your backyard or a park and enjoy time together. Give this experience more meaning by having each member of the family contribute an item for the meal. For instance, let the kids choose which snacks they think should be at the picnic and have them prepare it. If you’re feeling adventurous, the kids could try preparing items like fruit kabobs or chocolate-dipped strawberries. If kids are too little to make something on their own, then go to the grocery store and help them pick out something for the picnic. Emphasize that everyone is making items for the meal to Serve one another. Help them choose food items they think everyone else would enjoy, not just what they would like to eat. Once everyone brings their items to the picnic, talk about how Jesus Served us, so we get to Serve each other. Explain that serving one another is honoring each family member. Honor means treating everyone respectfully even when you do not want to. Finish up your meal by practicing honoring everyone by having everyone go around and say things they appreciate about each person.

Discussion Question(s):

  1. Why do we serve one another? (Jesus served us.)
  2. What does it mean to honor one another? (Show everyone respect even when we do not want to.)
  3. What are ways we can do better as a family to show honor to each other? (Answers may vary. It might be a good time to bring up conflict resolution methods for the family.)


Love One Another

Missions Tie-In

As missionaries in your own neighborhoods and cities, think about how you could Serve others. Maybe you could bake cookies for your elderly neighbors or take notes of encouragement to your local fire department. Above all else, the biggest way we can love and Serve others is to Share Jesus with them. When we Share Jesus with others, we show them we care about their heart. Think about how you can Serve others and Share Jesus this week.


Add some fun to the picnic by bringing a frisbee, a card game, or some bubbles! Bring paper and some crayons and encourage everyone to draw their best portrait of the family. Don’t forget to pack bug spray, sunscreen, and some hand wipes for a more enjoyable experience.

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