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Outdoor Adventure

Local playground/museum

Biblical Truth

God is the Creator




"In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth" (Genesis 1:1).

Talking Points

When you are playing at the park, look for opportunities to observe creation and draw attention to how nature points us back to God as the Creator. Talk about how God is the one who created everything. Explain that, while people may say that a “big bang” created the world, we know that God created everything on purpose. Just like a chair, computer, or smartphone wasn’t accidentally created, neither were you! Point out that God is so powerful that He was able to create things by speaking them into existence. Talk about how creation is something we get to take care of as a way to show God’s love. Help your kids get to know you better by telling them about the park you would visit as a kid or a memorable experience you have had in nature.

Discussion Question(s):

  1. What is the coolest thing you have ever seen in nature? (Answers will vary)
  2. What do you see right now that is something that God created?
  3. What do you see right now that is something that is man-made?
  4. What things were created on which day during the week of Creation? (Day 1: Light, Day 2: Sky, Day 3: Land and Vegetation, Day 4: Sun, moon, and stars, Day 5: Birds and sea animals, Day 6: land animals and people, Day 7: He rested. Be prepared to help them.)


"God of Wonders" by Third Day

Missions Tie-In

Today, you are exploring a lot of beautiful nature! The trees, flowers, water, grass, and sky that are all around you were created by the same God that made you! Over 2,000 years ago, God created Adam and Eve, and He gave them a very special job. Their job was to take care of God's creation. We still have that same job today. Part of taking care of the world is taking care of the people. There are over 7 billion people on planet earth, and God created every one of them. Jesus also died for each one of them, including you!

While you are at the park, pay attention to the people around you. Same may look different than you and possibly speak another language. Count how many languages you hear. You may be surprised at how many neighbors are from different countries and cultures! Part of taking care of God's people is Sharing Jesus with them. We can do this by loving and serving our neighbors that are right around us or going on a missions project across the world. As you walk around the park today, pray for times when you can Share Jesus with your neighbors by telling them they were created by God.


To make things feel exciting, try going to a park that is new to your family. If weather allows, bring a kite to fly. Another option is to go on a treasure hunt by downloading a free geocaching app. Search to see if your park has a cache already hidden there. If your kids are crafty, have them collect leaves to paint and press down on paper like a stamp for a fun project. Take this opportunity to care for creation by picking up any trash that you see.

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