Fight for Your Family

Trail Walk/Bike Ride

A biblical discipleship journey equipping parents to engage their children in biblical truth.

Outdoor Adventure

Family trail walk/bike ride at a local park

Location Info

You can take a bike ride anywhere around town from your neighborhood sidewalk, on the Green Line that runs from Midtown to Cordova, or on one of the trails at Shelby Farms.

Biblical Truth

The Holy Spirit is our Helper


Holy Spirit


"But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all these things and remind you of everything I have told you." John 14:26

Talking Points

What happens when you go fast on your bike? You feel the wind as it blows your hair, makes your shirt ripple, and cools your face. Point out to your kids that even though they can’t see the wind, they can see and feel the effects of the wind—just like the Holy Spirit. Even though we can’t see the Holy Spirit, the Bible says He can have a great effect on our lives, and we can feel Him. Explain that the Holy Spirit is one of the three persons of God. The role of the Holy Spirit is to guide the sons and daughters of God in the Lord's will. The Holy Spirit does this by convicting us, prompting us into action, and praying for us when we do not know what to say. Reassure your kids that the Holy Spirit isn't something to be afraid of. Although we can't see Him, just like we can't see the wind, the Holy Spirit is a Helper whom we can trust.

Discussion Question(s):

  1. When riding your bike today, was it easier to ride your bike with or against the wind? (With the wind)
  2. Who is someone that helps you out? (Answers may vary.)
  3. What is the role of the Holy Spirit? (Helper, Counselor, Guide, etc.)
  4. Who has the Holy Spirit in them? (Sons and daughters of God—they may need help with this; it is a great opportunity to talk about salvation and see if they want to accept Jesus into their heart, so the Holy Spirit can live in them.)


"The Holy Spirit is Our Helper" by KidVue

Missions Tie-In

Look around as you ride your bikes or take a walk; how is the Holy Spirit guiding you today? Maybe through talking to your neighbors—this could be a great opportunity to Share Jesus and engage in the Missionary Task. You could pick up trash you see along the side of the road—contributing to city renewal. Consider different ways your family could seek the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to guide your day-to-day life.


Check your tires before you plan on going out. Bring water and snacks if you plan on going on a longer ride. The Holy Spirit can be an intimidating subject to cover—don't be afraid of your kids' questions! It's a sign that they are listening. If lots of questions pop up, consider researching the subject as a family so that you all can learn together.

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