Things you’ll need:

  • Rent a new movie or watch a family favorite again
  • Create pretend movie tickets for admittance and establish a selling price. Let the kids get creative with cost. Examples could include two hugs or one selfless service.
  • Allow the kids to participate in the menu planning.
  • Create a comfortable movie environment complete with blankets, pillows, and movie snacks.


Faith Talk:
Mealtime provides conversation opportunities that are often missed during the business of the day. To maximize relational connections, minimize distractions. Turn off the television and put away electronic devices. Postpone as many corrective comments as possible in order to prioritize positive family conversations.

As you prepare to watch the movie, tell your family that tonight you’re going to be movie critics. What is a movie critic? Although a critic may be entertained watching a movie, he or she is more involved in watching critically–not negatively. After your family watches the movie, pretend to be a movie critic. The following questions will assist you in conversation.

Each family member should begin with their own index card with their name written at the top. Consider one strength or skill of your own that you recognize in yourself and write it on the card, under your name. Then, pass your card to your right. Similarly, write at least one positive trait for the person named on the card. Once complete, pass the card to the right. Continue until your card has made it back to you.

Plan a dinner and movie night in advance to create anticipation and excitement. ‘Sell’ tickets to the family event.

  • Who was the central or main character?


  • Would you say the main character is a positive or negative role model?


  • What did the main character want? Did he/she get it?


  • What obstacles did the main character have to overcome?


  • Did you agree with his/her choices?


  • What was the main theme of the movie?


  • What other characters made wise choices?


As you complete your discussion, consider any insights that could be applied to your family’s life.

  • How did the movie character’s choices inspire you?
  • How do you want to be more like or less like the hero (or the villain) of the movie?
  • Is there a life lesson to be learned?
  • Why would you (or would you not) recommend the movie to others?

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