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When we grieve our heart realizes the wrongness of this broken world. Death, divorce. and separation became a part of our new reality.

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

Discuss with your family how you can give the Gift of Jesus to others this Christmas season through an Advent Wreath!

Influencing Grandchildren

Influencing Grandchildren

In a culture where business dilutes the value of relationships, the positive role of a grandparent increases in value over time.

He’s Here

Gather your family and turn out the lights—the darker the room the better. Discuss being afraid of the dark. Discuss how fears make us want to run and hide.

Birthday Cake for Jesus

Kids love celebrating birthdays! Use this popular idea of celebrating Jesus’ birthday with a symbolic birthday cake.

A Christmas Carol

Family movie night chats are most effective when used as dialogue rather than for teaching. The following discussion guide is an entry point to conversation

Christmas Gift From The Heart

During the first week of December, bring the family together and discuss the true meaning of Christmas. How will your family limit the distractions this season to keep your focus on Jesus?

Blessing Notes

Words are influential. Positive words, encouraging words, and inspiring words imprint the heart of the hearer.

Attitude of Gratitude

Half fill a glass of water and place it on the table. Give each child an index card with the phrase “The glass is half _______”. Ask them to complete the phrase.

Family Start Plan

In what ways have you been intentional about your marriage? Your family? Your grandchildren?