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Hope to Marry

Proactively Pursuing Marriage By Kurt Bruner, The Center for Strong Families Marriage is God’s natural design for fulfilling our drive for companionship and sexuality. A significant priority for this season of your life is preparing for and moving toward a biblical...

Difficult Marriage

Difficult Marriage

God specializes in redemption and resurrection, even in seemingly hopeless situations.

Mom Knows Best

Who does Mom know best? Award Mom and the winning family member with a special dessert night out.

The Love Mirror

Discuss things that your family loves. How are these emotions the same and/or different?

Marriage Connections

Foster a year of greater intimacy by finding new ways to enjoy life together in the coming year.

Difficult Marriage

What happens when these marriage troubles become unbearable? Is there a point where couples should end a bad marriage? Consider the following steps as you prayerfully evaluate your situation.

Blessing Notes

Words are influential. Positive words, encouraging words, and inspiring words imprint the heart of the hearer.

Family Start Plan

In what ways have you been intentional about your marriage? Your family? Your grandchildren?