Pretend it’s your first time to Memphis

Many Memphians have never visited our famous city attractions. Take your kids on a sightseeing adventure. Increase the fun by dressing like a tourist. Take pictures and create a photo album of your city tour.

Opening discussions include:

  • List and discuss famous people, famous locations, famous restaurants, etc. Why is it famous? Compare personal likes and dislikes on your famous list.
  • How did the things you discussed become famous?
    • For example, how are the McDonald’s golden arches so well known?
    • How have people all over the world heard songs
      by Elvis?
    • Why is it that most people recognize the Magic Kingdom castle?
  • What is something you’d like to be MORE famous? (your mom’s banana pudding or Jay Bear from CampOutrageous)
  • What can you do to help make something more famous? You could share a bowl of mom’s pudding or invite a friend to CampOutrageous to meet Jay Bear.

“Give thanks to the LORD and proclaim his greatness. Let the whole world know what he has done.”

Psalm 105:1

As Christ followers we should make Jesus famous! We are commanded to tell others about Him and His love for us.

Ephesians 6:19 says, “Ask God to give me the right words so I can boldly explain God’s mysterious plan that the Good News is for Jews and Gentiles alike.”

As you visit famous places in Memphis, continue to discuss how you can make Jesus famous—among our friends, our community, and around the world.

Famous tourist stops in Memphis:

Many destinations offer FREE admission at certain times, including the Memphis Zoo, Pink Palace, Rock & Soul Museum, National Civil Rights Museum, etc. Check with each location for details.

  • Graceland Gates—3734 Elvis Presley Blvd.
  • Historic Walking Tours—
  • Mississippi River—Splash in this mighty river.
  • Beale Street—the most famous street in Memphis
  • Schwab Dry Goods Store—163 Beale St.
  • The Peabody Ducks—Arguably the most unique city attraction, the ducks have been marching since the 1930s. After walking around the lobby, take the elevator to the roof for a breathtaking view.

Use #OutdoorFamilyAdventure when sharing your adventures through social media.

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