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Put this adventure on your family calendar!

Advent Wreath

Advent Wreath

Discuss with your family how you can give the Gift of Jesus to others this Christmas season through an Advent Wreath!

Honor Your Father

HONOR means acting in a way that shows someone or something is important and valuable.

What Dad Does

Recognize Dad’s positive attributes during your discussion time and thank him for the regular investment he makes in your family.


Your first fishing trip with your kids can be exhilarating, so here are a few tips to remember when fishing with children!

Mom Awards

MOM AWARDS A special mealtime activity showing appreciation and honor to Mom In advance: Secretly interview your kids to determine award categories: What is your favorite thing to do with mom? What is your favorite thing that mom does for you? What can mom do better...

He’s Here

Gather your family and turn out the lights—the darker the room the better. Discuss being afraid of the dark. Discuss how fears make us want to run and hide.

Birthday Cake for Jesus

Kids love celebrating birthdays! Use this popular idea of celebrating Jesus’ birthday with a symbolic birthday cake.