Pick your transportation and your speed

Whether you “hike” around your neighborhood or take an all day backpacking trip, outdoor trails provide quality family time and exercise. With intentionality, you’ll also uncover dialogue opportunities.

Allow your kids to help select the trail and plan your adventure. Consider these planning tips:

  1. Be realistic when selecting a distance. Consider the age and fitness level of your children.
  2. Use sunscreen. Wear hats or helmets and a comfortable pair of shoes.
  3. Pack snacks and plenty of water to remain hydrated.
  4. Pick a refreshing destination (creek, playground, or back home for ice cream). Something to look forward to will provide motivation to keep going.
  5. Enjoy the journey—not just the destination. Have fun along the way!

Time on the trail or during a break may provide time for dialogue. Casually, open a few conversations and see where the talking trail will lead you.

  1. What signs have we seen today? (stay on the trail, no motorized vehicles) Who made these rules? Why? What can happen if we disobey the sign?
    • Spiritual parallel—God loves us. He has rules so we will be safe. Discuss examples of man’s rules and God’s rules. Also discuss the blessings that come from obedience.
  2. If you plan a trip using a map, what happens if you miss a turn or disregard the map? (You get lost, you don’t arrive at your destination.)
    • Spiritual parallel—Isaiah 53:6, “All of us, like sheep, have strayed away.” We have left God’s paths to follow our own. How do we get back on a trail? Turn around and go back (the definition of “repent”).
  3. When the terrain is rocky, steep, or difficult, slow down. When you get tired, take a break. But don’t turn back. Baby steps in the right direction keep you moving forward.
    • Spiritual parallel—Life’s journey resembles a race. Some sections are easy and resemble coasting downhill on a bike. However, in some sections, you seem to be pushing a bike uphill. Philippians 3:14, “I press on to reach the end of the race and receive the heavenly prize for which God, through Christ Jesus, is calling us.” Share a difficult time and explain how you are stronger because of the experience. Who do you know that is in a rough stretch of terrain? How can your family be an encouragement to them?


Take pictures of your trail adventure and post using #OutdoorFamilyAdventure.

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