“I’ve been to Honduras a total of three times, and God shows me something different every time I go. In 2015 we did intense manual labor and had a great fellowship time with our whole team every evening. Last year it was much more focused on evangelism and sharing the Gospel with people. We walked around a neighborhood where we were doing manual labor and went door-to-door sharing the Gospel with the neighbors. The most important thing I re-learn every time I go is that God is alive and can do more than anyone can possibly imagine when you seek first His kingdom and His righteousness.”

—Clayton Wilcox


Teams minister through VBS, personal evangelism, light construction, and more.

Visit bellevue.org/missions-projects to see the full project description.

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Kenya, Africa

Kenya, Africa

This team will minister in orphanages, schools, and in a feeding station. This project will also focus on a medical clinic and several discipleship/business conferences.

Leticia, Colombia

Leticia, Colombia

Bellevue has an ongoing relationship with La Aljaba, a children’s home in Leticia, Colombia, sending teams to minister to the children.

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