Foster a year of greater intimacy by finding new ways to enjoy life together this year.

Advance Preparation

  • Schedule a date night or anniversary celebration
  • Come prepared to dream big for your marriage

During The Date
Whether you are celebrating a wedding anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or simply becoming more intentional about fostering intimacy in your marriage, take time to dream. Discuss and choose one new thing to do together in the coming year—one new activity for each year you have been married. For example, if you are celebrating your eighth anniversary, plan eight new dreams of things you want to do or experience together during the coming year. Put dates on the calendar to make it happen!

Dream storm: Make a list of dreams or activities you would like to do with our spouse. Ideas could include trying new foods or restaurants, camping, studying an era of history together, attempting home renovation, or learning a new hobby.

Consider including some of your spouse’s wishes as you brainstorm. For example, if you know your spouse would love to take a cooking class, look for a class that you could take together. Make sure your list includes some good free options and ideas that are not too difficult to pull off. Consider activities that are both fun and realistic.

Prioritize: Once you have a sufficient list of ideas, narrow the list to your agreed upon “top eight” to celebrate the year of your eighth anniversary (or appropriate number).

Make it happen: As the first step of date preparation, go ahead and start the research and calendar future dates when you plan to do these activities together. This might be as simple as calendaring one activity a month and deciding on details later. As part of your planning, identify some necessary steps toward making each dream become a reality.

Optional Extra Credit: Get a journal or scrapbook to save ticket stubs, pictures, and special memorabilia from experiencing your year of dreams together. On your next anniversary, celebrate the previous year by going through your journal/scrapbook and thanking the Lord for all of His blessings in your relationship. If you’re up for the challenge, begin your second year of celebration. Continue to invest in and prioritize your marriage.

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