"Joseph: The Principle of the Greater Good" | Men of Memphis | Week 2

Dr. Steve Gaines, Bellevue’s Senior Pastor, is known as a man of prayer and a preacher of God’s Word. Since 1983, he has pastored churches in Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama before coming to Bellevue Baptist Church in 2005 as Senior Pastor.
Pastor Steve Gaines
September 20, 2022
September 15, 2022

During Week Two of Men of Memphis, Pastor Steve Gaines looks at "Joseph: The Principle of the Greater Good." From the life of this Old Testament figure, we can learn the importance of waiting on God and trusting Him throughout our trials. During the Fall 2022 semester, we will be walking through the book "How God Makes Men" by Patrick Morley.

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Chapter 2: "Joseph: The Principle of the Greater Good"

"God makes men by orchestrating even the toughest circumstances of our lives for a greater good."

Caught in the Ups and Downs (p. 20)

The Day That Changed Everything (p. 22)

When Purpose Becomes Visible (p. 24)

"Nothing that happens to us by human decision can ever happen apart from the will of God." (p.24)

You Are Under His Protection (p. 26)

Showers in the Desert (p. 27)

We Are a Showcase for Glory (and It's Not Ours) (p. 29)

When Peace Becomes Possible (p. 30)

The Greater Good in the Realities of Life (p. 31)

  1. Marriage
  2. Work
  3. Health
  4. Money