"Moses: The Principle of Personal Transformation" | Men of Memphis | Week 3

Derek Ewalt
September 29, 2022
September 22, 2022

Derek Ewalt speaks during Week 3 of Men of Memphis on "Moses: The Principle of Personal Transformation." As we will learn, God uses our wilderness experience as a humbling process to fundamentally change how we think and act.

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"The Principle of Personal Transformation"

Moses was created for a purpose. (Acts 7:18–22)

Moses went before he was sent. (Acts 7:23–24)

Moses had too much of Moses in him. (Acts 7:25–29)

Moses' wilderness expereince is where his transformation took place. (Acts 7:30)

  • Don't try to shorten the duration of the wilderness experience. (p. 46)
  • Pray that you will learn everything God has for you during your wilderness experience so that you don't have to travel that road again. (p. 46)

Moses' transformation came through a humbling process. (Acts 7:31–38)

"God makes men by taking us through a humbling process that fundamentally changes the way we think." (p. 38)