Psalm 33:12

Ten Ways to Help America

Dr. Steve Gaines, Bellevue’s Senior Pastor, is known as a man of prayer and a preacher of God’s Word. Since 1983, he has pastored churches in Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama before coming to Bellevue Baptist Church in 2005 as Senior Pastor.
Pastor Steve Gaines
October 1, 2021
July 7, 2021

In a special Independence Day sermon, Pastor Steve Gaines preaches on "Ten Ways to Help America." Are you tired of complaining about the world and want proactive steps to improve your country with the gospel? Find out how in this sermon!

1. Receive Jesus as Savior and Lord
A. Repent of Sin
B. Believe in Jesus
C. Receive Jesus

2. Be a Spirit-filled, Mature Christian
A. Spirit-filled
B. Mature

3. Obey the Laws
A. Government Comes from God
B. God Comes Before Government

4. Pray for America
A. Pray for Leaders
B. Pray Geographically
C. Pray Scripture

5. Develop a Godly Family

6. Be a Faithful Member of a Local Church

7. Share Jesus with Lost People

8. Be Salt and Light
A. Engage Your Community
B. Stay Informed on Social Issues
C. Share Your Views with Others

9. Get Involved Politically
A. Register and Vote
B. Know Candidate’s Stances
C. Contact Your Congressman
D. Run for Political Office

10. Pray for Revival