Week Three | Men of Memphis | Spring 2023

Dr. Steve Gaines, Bellevue’s Senior Pastor, is known as a man of prayer and a preacher of God’s Word. Since 1983, he has pastored churches in Texas, Tennessee, and Alabama before coming to Bellevue Baptist Church in 2005 as Senior Pastor.
Pastor Steve Gaines
February 16, 2023
February 16, 2023

During Week Three of this semester's Men of Memphis study, Pastor Steve Gaines covers the importance of humility, prayer, and spending time away with just you and the Lord.

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Chapter 12: “The Secret of Humility”

Chapter 13: “The Secret of Intercession”

Chapter 14: “The Secret of Watching”

Chapter 15: “The Secret of Radiation Therapy”

Chapter 16: “The Secret of Time”

“Time spent in prayer is never wasted time.”

Chapter 17: “The Secret of Retreats”

7 Ways Prayer Retreats Prove Helpful for Every Christian:

  1. They intensify and accelerate my pursuit of God.
  2. They refresh and renew my spirit
  3. They sharpen my responsiveness to receive revelation from God.
  4. They’ve helped me receive diving guidance for specific situations.
  5. God has honored them by revealing hidden things.
  6. They’ve increased my understanding of God’s ways and works.
  7. When I’ve not known how I would continue, they’ve kept me alive spiritually.

4 Marks of a Successful Prayer Retreat:

1) Solitude

2) No entertainment

3) Fasting

4) The Gospels