A fun activity celebrating Mom’s love

In advance:
Before the activity, ask Mom to secretly complete the questions on the back of this card—one card for each family member, including herself. Seal her cards in a top-secret envelope.

Faith talk:
To begin the activity, discuss the questions on the card. Everyone has preferences. Some people are more vocal about their likes and dislikes, and everyone knows that John doesn’t like cats. However, other people are less vocal.

  • How do you think mom’s answers will match up?
  • Who do you think mom knows the best?
  • How do moms pick up on these preferences so well?

Have a “judge” open Mom’s answers and score each card for accuracy. Compare the scores when grading is completed.

Who does Mom know best? Award Mom and the winning family member with a special dessert night out. (Or, you could give the prize to Mom and the lowest scoring family member so they can get to know each other better.)

Who Does Mom Know Best?

Family Member’s Name: ________________________________

I like ________ best:

Chocolate                           OR                             Vanilla

Board Game                     OR                             Card Game

Morning                              OR                             Evening

Cats                                        OR                             Dogs

Movie out                          OR                             Movie In

Lake                                       OR                             Pool

Popcorn                              OR                             Candy

Spring                                   OR                             Fall

Juice                                       OR                             Milk

Ice Cream                           OR                             Cookies

Pizza                                      OR                             Burger

I would rather…

Read a book                      OR                             Watch a movie

Live in the past               OR                             Live in the future

Go camping                       OR                             Stay in a hotel

Be able to fly                    OR                             Be invisible

Meet Moses                      OR                             Meet Paul

Cook together                 OR                             Eat out together

Score mom’s answers against each person’s true preference and find out, “Who does Mom know best?”

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