music composition

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Intro to Music Composition

What time will the class meet?
Mondays 5:15-6:00. The class will meet 15 weeks in the Fall semester and 15 weeks in the Spring semester.

Who can participate in the music composition class?
The composition class is open to students and adults alike.  Younger students will be interviewed to determine if they are capable of handling the material. No prior music education or experience is required.

Where does the class meet?
In the choir room.

What is my student required to have?
Music Composition students will need to have access to a laptop computer capable of running music notation software that they can bring to class. For music notation software, we recommend Finale and Sibelius, which are both industry standards. However, these programs are expensive, so we also recommend MuseScore, which is a great free alternative.

Will my student perform?
No. Students may have their compositions performed by others, but they will not be required to perform themselves.  

Are private lessons in music composition available?
Yes. Contact the SPA office, at 901-347-5711, for pricing and details.