Pornography and Your Teen


Each year we take a look at the problem of pornography. Pornography continues to stunt the spiritual, mental, and emotional growth of students as well as many adults. Access to pornography is at an all-time high and the effects of viewing pornography can be clearly seen in our society.

As a parent, what can you do; what role do you have in this issue? As a parent, how can you equip your student to defend against the onslaught of pornography being pushed towards them? Prayer is the key! That cannot be stated enough. Below are some resources that will equip you as you seek to lead your student towards all that God has for them. The Next Gen Team is praying for you as you go to battle on your students behalf!

Circle Device

Taming the Technology Beast

It’s time to Internet Protect Your Home! Are you overwhelmed by the Technology in your Home? Does it feel like all you do is stare at screens? Do you worry about your kids seeing inappropriate stuff on their devices? Does it all feel so dang overwhelming? View a short webinar that will give you easy tips to tame the technology beast in your home without taking you on a guilt trip. Fast forward to 1 Hour and 15 Minutes into the video to hear about the Circle Device listed above.

Click here to watch video.

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