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Please pray for a very good friend of mine who is going through some health problems. She is needing a liver transplant. In November she was up for the surgery but it did not go through. Now she has start over and go to the end of the list. Today she had to have a procedure to stop internal bleeding on the vein that goes from her neck to her liver.



Please pray for Bob. He is in the hospital with COVID. His lungs need to heal. Please pray for his wife, Mary Jo. She needs strength and rest.



Please pray my son is released from depression and is supported by school and community to exceed academic goals. Please pray that my interview on the 14th goes well, I am hired, my services are beneficial, and I and my services are valued. Thanking all those that know the Lord and pray this prayer with me.



Please pray for my friend, Morella. She will undergo a double mastectomy at 11:00 a.m. today (December 7). Please pray for her complete healing.


Edward is in the hospital with COVID. They discovered he has Diabetes 1 while there and pneumonia on top of asthma. He is the father of our granddaughter Margret's fiancé. She is the granddaughter of Debbie, who wrote songs for Bellevue before she passed from cancer some years ago.



Prayer for Lord's covering and protection upon my life, family and home, For the Lord to open doors to serve Him and other's once again as an evangelist translator, to use the gifts and talents He has given me, for the Lord to guide me as to what to do this season or coming year, for a financial breakthrough.



Please pray for my daughter's coworker premature baby boy who is struggling in NICU. Baby name is Davidson. And also to give this precious baby's mom the strength that she needs.



Pray for my family, as my son has decided he wants to live with his birth mother out of state. This is very difficult for our family because our son has always lived in the Memphis area. We will miss him greatly. We don't understand why this is happening. We pray that he will return as soon as possible.


Pray for my family. Pray for my uncle who in in the ICU with COVID. Pray for healing of my daughter's hematoma. Pray for my daughter to find the right place to do her residency. Pray for our son, for his acceptance to medical school. Pray for the future spouses of our children.


Pray for prosperity on my loved ones. Not only in finances, but in joy, love, and patience.


Pray for my future wife. Pray also for my mother and my family.


Pray for my mom, recovering from a stroke. Pray for my uncle, battling and doing chemo. Pray for my husband to come to church. Pray for my son. He is angry and unforgiving. His language is harsh and cruel and his hatred for his dad is heartbreaking. He does not pray anymore. He is in therapy. I am covering him in prayer. He needs a miracle. Pray for me. The spirit of division in our family has broken my heart. It is so hard just to get through the day. Pray that my son and my husband will commit their hearts to Jesus. Also, my son's best friend no longer believes in God and she wants to be a lesbian. Pray for the Lord to deliver her. My business is struggling. I need this job to pay for my son's medical expenses. I feel like I am struggling on every front. I keep praying. I need a miracle.


PRAISE!!! My mom's heart has softened and she has shown such kindness to my family.


Pray for my daughter, Candice, and her boyfriend, John. They are both struggling with addiction. They have 2 little girls that need them. Their names are Lainey and Lucy.


Pray for my beloved Donald, and myself. We had to postpone our wedding due to unforeseen circumstances. Pray that Donald and I will prepared for each other as God grows us daily. Pray that Donald will be able to retire soon. Pray that we will be ready to evangelize the world.


Please pray for my son and grandson, that they will come to know the Lord.


Pray for the Lord's protection over my sons, Terek, Mario, Antonio, Chance, and Tyler, and my daughter, Taylor. Pray that my swallowing reflexes will come back and that I can regain the 45 pounds that I have lost from not being able to swallow/eat. Pray for ASU students to do well on their finals on December 15. Pray for protection from premature death for our families.


Please pray that I will be able to stop worrying about my 29 year old autistic nephew, William. Please also pray for William.


Pray that my unborn daughter, Justice, and I find a stable, healthy home/place to live really soon.


Pray for my granddaughter, Ariana. She is being bullied at school and over the phone. The principle is aware of this, and have informed us that the girl's home life is not a good situation. Pray also for the girl doing the bullying.


Pray for my friend, Daryl, in Nashville. He lost his partner of 17 years on December 5. He is heartbroken beyond words. Pray also for Pamela's family. Pray that in the days to come, they will all feel God's presence and be encouraged in the midst of their grief.


Please pray for my son, Bryan. He has been diagnosed with a mental illness. He hears voices in his head and is tormented by these demons. Pray that God will cast out these demons and set him free.


Eighth grade is hard. I need help to push through.


Pray for my grandma.


Pray for my grandma. Pray that people everywhere will have wisdom.


Please pray our rental property in Tulsa, Oklahoma, will get leased out. We owe 2021 taxes on the property and we need for it to be leased.


Pray for Jessica, Jacob, Justin, Jim, and Leah. They lost their home to a fire a couple of weeks ago. They also lost their dog and two cats in the fire.


Pray for my sister, Lisa. She had rotator cup surgery and there was more damage than the doctors expected. There was a ripped muscle and they had to do reconstructive surgery. Please pray for her healing.


Pray for my friend, Larnce. He is a pastor in the Memphis area. Larnce had gall bladder surgery and the doctors discovered cancer.


Brenda called and requested prayer. She has breast cancer. Pray for her healing.


Anthony called and requested resources to use as he witnesses to those around him. Pray for Anthony as he shares his faith. Pray that those he reaches will be open and receptive to the Lord.


Lorice called and requested prayer regarding an upcoming job interview. She is nervous about it.


Pray for my father who is in hospital for COVID. He had 104 fever. Pray for my sisters who are caregiving my mother with Alzheimer's in dads absence. She is wheel chair and bed bound. Pray for my sister is also caregiving her 34 year old son (in her house w 3 children). He was reactive arthritis and is bed ridden with COVID. His name is Zach. Pray for Zach's wife, Jesse. She is getting worse w COVID. Pray for wisdom in making so many decisions and to hear God's faithful leading.



Pray for the eight children who have been orphaned. They lost their parents because of a murder/suicide. This happened in Atlanta.


Please pray for my husband's prostate problems, specifically for answers and complete healing. Please also pray for my daughter, regarding anxiety and a weakened immune system.


New Urgent Prayer Request: Please pray for my Mother Darlene and my Dad Jerry. Both my parents have been re-diagnosed with cancer at the same time. My Mother has bladder cancer in her lung, abdominal organs, many lymph nodes involved. My Mother stays in a lot of pain. My Dad has Leukemia; his white blood cell count has doubled in 8 weeks the doctor said there is also something else wrong in his blood. My Mother will have a procedure Tuesday December 7th on her bladder. Please pray her one kidney and tube and bladder will be alright from this cancer. We don't know all organs involved yet until we see the doctor on December 13th. On December 9th my Dad will have a Bone Marrow biopsy done in his spine. Please help me pray my parents need a miracle from Jesus. Thank you all for praying. Blessings, Rosea



Asking your prayers to God, so he continues providing the finances for the seminary cost upcoming year 2022. Also for healing from diabetes and general health. Thanks



Please pray for my son. He is an addict that is trying to recover. Pray for his recovery. He does believe in God. Pray that he will build a strong relationship with God and that God will lead him to the life He wants him to have. Pray that God will put the right friends in his life also.



Sick tonight with a fever. Please pray it’s not COVID and please pray it’s not an infection of an old injury. Please pray for fast healing! Thank you



I’m having skin cancer surgery on my ear lobe Monday morning 12/6/21. Please pray that all of it is removed without too much tissue being removed. Thank you & God bless!



Pray that God will fill me with his Spirit and that my brother, Charles, will repent from his adulterous lifestyle. Pray for the healing of my sister Nadine.



Pray for my job search for a better job.



I have been called by the Lord. I'm training or learning to carry out His word. Pray for me to strengthen myself for this calling. I live in Hamilton Alabama and love hearing Pastor Steve and God bless all of you and the members


Please pray for my friend at work, John. Pray for health and healing as John is in the hospital with pneumonia. He needs a bypass surgery but the cannot do that until he recovers from pneumonia



Please pray for healing for Barbara in Baytown TX



Because of unforeseen circumstances, our wedding on December 11 may be pushed back. Please pray that the obstacles will be removed very soon. The problems are related to retirement documents and a check that need to be signed.


I want to thank God for giving me the best companion I needed over the past 13+ years of life. And, for the last 6 years that Phil and I shared her love together. I am thankful that we experienced her unconditional love. Pray for our hearts to heal and for comfort. Pray the Lord will fill the void in our life as we lost our baby girl, Paris, on Friday night.


Pray for the relationship between myself and my two sons (David and Jason) to be restored.


Pray for the entire Memphis community.


Pray that we can all come together and pray for peace in our city.


Pray for me to stay healthy and for me to find a job.


Please pray regarding anxiety issues.


Pray for our baby, Reagan. She will have surgery in January.


Please continue to pray for my nephew, Cary. He had facial reconstructive surgery earlier this week. It was a 6 hour surgery. Cary is doing well, but he is in a lot of pain. Please pray for his healing. Pray also for his wife, Tammy. They have experienced a lot of difficulty. Pray for her as she searches for a place to live to be near the hospital.


Pray for a family we know who seems to be under the attack of the enemy. Pray that the Lord protects them, encourages them, and that He brings them into a spacious and healing place.



Please pray for my friend’s brother. Pray that the Lord deliver him from his addiction and that he makes him whole. Pray for his protection and his family’s protection.



Pray for my marriage. I’m having some difficulty. My wife and me may be separating but I don’t want that. Just pray for Jessica and I. We are having some issues right now. I don’t think that God wants us to get a divorce. I don’t think God wants her to file for divorce, so I’m praying that God will help show me how I’m supposed to fight for my marriage.



Please pray for my 16 year old son Luke. He has depression and is having a really hard time.



Please pray that me and my fiancé can somehow get the money up to afford our wedding. We don’t have a whole lot of money.. also please pray I can get another job thank you all in advance God bless



My husband and I have been married for 47 years and he has always been a jerk; but I married him so I stayed. I have been praying about his change in attitude; he acts like Satan has entered him. He’s so hateful and mean. I can’t stand him. Please help me pray for him! He says he’s a Christian but I can’t believe it cause he is racist and he doesn’t love at all! Please help cause I don’t know what to do! Thank you



From my friend: I had to call an ambulance this morning for Felix. He's having difficulty breathing, looks like he's spitting up blood, he's pale and clammy. Please pray for us. I'm scared out of my mind and don't know what to do



Please pray for my Mother Darlene she will have a PET Scan tomorrow December 2nd. December 9th my Dad will have bone marrow bioscopies in his spine. My Dad Jerry will have a CT Scan on December 15th. My Dads White blood count is 47,100 his Leukemia is back. Both my parents are cancer patients. Please pray for God's healing touch and that the scans will be clear of cancer. Father, please give us a miracle. Please heal my family. Thank you all for your prayers.



Pray for my friend Dina. The doctors have found that she has several spots of cancer on the top of her head. She is asking for prayer that the Lord will heal her, and asking for prayer for her doctors and medicine and the will of God to be done in her life.



Praise!!! I do not have cancer! Prayer Request: I have an upcoming Renal artery test. Please pray that all is well with that.


Please pray for my sister her name is Linda (she lives in Brighton) as she has inoperable cancer. She has already had 2 surgeries and radiation. So now her only option is chemo treatments.


I have been very sick and it has been difficult to pinpoint the problem- please pray the Lord will give the physician's discernment and wisdom- and pray the Lord will return my strength and that I will feel better and be able to enjoy my days.



My 12 y/old granddaughter has a beautiful voice. She has not wanted to sing the song lately because she doesn’t like people staring at her. Please pray she will sing it for God’s glory & not be afraid. Thank you



PRAISE: the company i work for approved my request for religious exemption from the covid vaccine. God is faithful! God keeps His promises!



Good morning, please pray for my mom. She has been diagnosed suddenly with sudden onset cognitive impairment and delirium. It's not related to a UTI like the summer and all of her tests so far have been negative. A week and a half ago she was driving to get her hair done and taking my sister out to lunch. Please pray for complete healing for my mom, Paula. Thank you and God bless you.



Hello I have a dear friend (Kara) that needs prayer. About 6months ago she was diagnosed with a rare spine disease named Tarlov Cyst. Which are cyst on the spinal cord near her tail bone. She is in a lot of pain and no one really knows how’s to treat it. She is a 37 yrs old and it is effecting everyday life. She recently left the sex industry and is trying to find Jesus. She wants a new life and is trying very hard to do it with out pain or returning to the Industry. Please pray she finds the Lord and is healed. May The Lord bless you!



A big shift is about to happen in my life, and I’m in full alignment to receive it. I am entering the most abundant and aligned chapter of my life. This week will be positively life changing. I’ve recently applied for a few positions that are better aligned with my personal/professional goals and divine calling. Please pray for favor and clarity as I am awaiting responses. I declare a healthy, safe (spiritually, emotionally and physically) and flexible work environment (ideally remote), new stream of equitable income (salary increase), and leadership/colleagues who have a growth mindset. May I be jolted into wealth and wealth opportunities so that I can better bless my community, loved ones, and become financially free. Thank you for partnering with me in prayer as I speak this into existence with bold faith.



UPDATE: Frances is has taken a turn for the worse. Please lift her up before the Lord for healing. Original Request: Please pray for Frances. She is 89 years old and she has been diagnosed with COVID. She has had her vaccine and also got the infusion. She is doing ok right now. Pray that she will make a full recovery. Also, please pray for my brother-in-law, Wayne. He has a blood clot in his leg and he will have surgery tomorrow in Mississippi to correct this blockage. Thank you for praying!


Please help me to pray humbly for the intercession of the Holy Spirit in all the actions of Michele and Clara; may their actions become blessings of God, Pray for blessings and protection regarding my health, life and my job and the life of my dear Fatima, with the discernment of the Lord to us in any situation of our Life. In the name of Jesus, blessed be. Thank you!



Pray for Blake. He has esophagus cancer. He is in 30s; a science teacher at the school here. Pray for John, for healing - wholeness of body, soul, spirit, from side effects from COVID. He is in his 30s and he lost bank job over COVID. Pray for healing my dad, Boyd. Pray for his salvation. He had a stroke on Thanksgiving day.


My name is Fredrik. I live in Sweden. I have a prayer request. Pray to God to help me find a good job God wants me to have so my unemployment comes to an end. Pray God end my unemployment. I've been unemployed for a very long time.


Please pray for my nephew, Carey. He is having reconstructive surgery on his face. He is in surgery right not at Methodist Hospital downtown.


Please pray for Rebekah traveling hopelessly in Memphis.



I pray for miraculous reunion of my relationship with Shubham and to have a happy and joyful relationship with him again. And that he chooses the right path in Jesus.



I still need a job and prayers for my daughter-in-law. She is saying she is going to kill herself.



Really in a situation where healing, restoration, and deliverance is needed if I'm to move on with my life and out of this pit it seems like that I'm in. Need the healing and restoration internally neurologically in my brain. Someone hurt me trying to cover up a mistake that was made. Also deliverance from the influence of spirits of anger, lust, fear, double mindedness, hate, bitterness.



Pray for me. I’m very compassionate with helping people. What comes out of people's mouths hurts my heart. I just want to help and love just like the Bible says. So now I have anxiety around people due to the amount of rejection during this COVID. Pray for my heart to love again and for my high blood pressure to be controlled. Thank you for praying with me.



My granddaughter is going through divorce. 3 children 6, 4, 2 yo. Lost her home and all have been sick. Has Job now but needs a home. Homeless for 2 mos. No house to be found she can afford to rent. Living with anyone in family for short periods; no one has enough space but we all helping as much as possible. There has to be a home somewhere and should get child support soon. Please 🙏 for home for Grace and needs to be met. Her husband left her and is not paying anything yet. God Bless you.



I would like prayer for God to send me a woman or several women to serve as a mother figure(s) who is either older or wiser than me, and more spiritually mature who can be supportive, a prayer partner, provide guidance. And, I would like prayer for God to put me into a new family that is loving and healthy.



Was hurt very badly by someone who was trying to cover up a mistake that was made. Need the healing internally, neurologically in my brain and mind from what happened. Has me also battling feelings of resentment that this happened. It in turn too has put me in a situation where its almost easier to open up doors to demonic oppression and influence, etc verses if I were healed from all what's went down and could live a more normal life, etc a very frustrating situation to be in.



Please pray for my 42 yr old daughter Becky. She apparently has a herniated disc in her lower back and she's in agonizing pain all the time, can barely walk, has shooting sciatic type pain down her left leg, is unable to care for herself when her husband is gone to work. Please pray God would ease the terrible pain and incapacitation. Thank You



Please pray for deliverance for my family, for wisdom, please pray that we can be equipped to meet the calling, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Please pray for our salvation and complete deliverance.



Please pray for my brother, Kenneth. He fell and the doctors think he has a broken rib and possibly a broken hand. He had to postpone his Thanksgiving travel plans. Please pray for his healing. He is currently in a lot of pain.


I have a really big prayer request. I'm a single mom of 5 boys ages are 13-2.. my 2 yo is a sick baby we go back and forth toe Lebonheur often. He constantly has Dr appts, one every Tuesday in Southaven Ms plus he has lung Dr, ENT, swallow studies. I'm unable to work full time due to that. We are currently in a situation that's not the best. Could someone please please pray the Lord will show us a place to live -- a home. We haven't had a home in over 3 years. Also I don't have the best transportation; my car constantly breaks down and we sit on the side of the road 30minutes to an hour, then it starts back up. I desperately need a dependable vehicle. The last prayer request I need is for the Lord to show me away to get my kids Christmas. I have no idea what I'm going to do about that. Thank you for your prayers and God bless you!


Pray that I will be able to eat appropriately and that my blood lab work will get back to normal ranges. Pray for protection over families as they gather for Thanksgiving.


Please Pray for my son that he will forgive me for abandoning him when he was a baby.



Please pray continued peace and protection over my brother as he struggles alone. I ask God's grace and mercy on my recent outreach to him. Only God can convict and restore relationships, so I pray that He does. And only God knows what's going on in my brother's heart, mind, and spirit, so will you pray that we trust God for miracles? Please pray deep conviction of God's truths and uprooting of Satan's lies. Please pray victory and new life in Jesus. Thank you.



Please pray for our dear friends, Bob and Sharon. Bob has been hospitalized to determine cause of acute abdominal pain that has subsided but abnormal lab values still remain. Pray for wisdom of the doctors and strength and protection from Covid for both Bob and Sharon. Thank you!



Dear Brethren, Please pray for Mr. Michael , Mrs. Mary, and Master Daniel, for their TOTAL AND ABSOLUTE DELIVERANCE FROM EVERY AFFLICTION. Thank you and God bless you and your ministry. Yours in Jesus, Michael



My daughter Hailey is 12 and going through a series of tests and treatments for an autoimmune disorder. As the sermon said today I ask for a prayer of healing and also for answers, take the pain and stress from her and her mom Sally.



Please pray for my husband and I. He is about to lose his job for not taking the vaccine and I am disabled. His income is all we have. Thank you in Jesus name Amen



For my family that they would get along during these holidays . And for my sons and daughters in laws .



I am in need of a crank or electric bed and mattress, with head and feet that goes up an down. I am sleeping on a chair, need my head upright to breath, on oxygen. I have been looking all over but seem can't find one. And the ones I do find are way to expensive for me, I am on a tight budget. I am willing to pay some. THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS. I been a Bellevue Baptist Church member for 12 years now. Could use prayers for family and health.


Prayers for Maria, for the Lord to bring complete healing to her whole body, physically and spiritually, delivering her from all sickness, virus and evil, for God to fill her with life, peace, love and much joy, for God's covering, protection and blessings upon her life, family and home.



Please pray for my sister, Ann. She had a stroke and has been going downhill health-wise. Please pray for her recovery.


Please pray for deliverance for my family, for wisdom, please pray that we can be equipped to meet the calling, that no weapon formed against us shall prosper. Please pray for our salvation and complete deliverance.