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Please pray for my son, James. He is battling liver cancer. Pray for my sister, Linda. She has heart issues. Pray for my friend, Debbie. She has cancer and heart issues.


Praise!! I had requested prayer for my wife and I that the bone density tests would show positive results after we have been receiving treatment for a year. The numbers have been declining over the past 2-3 years. The tests were completed this past Monday(23rd) and we received the results today. The numbers did not decline and there was actually improvement in some of the numbers!! We will continue treatment and please continue to pray but praise to the Living God!!



Please pray for our friends they are having a hard time with their son. They are not from here and really need prayers for their marriage and children.



Pray for my wife. She has some health problems. Please pray for healing. Pray for my sister-in-law (80 years old). Her husband died this past week. Pray for my friend. He as MG, like Pastor Steve. He is having breathing problems. Pray for my two grown daughters and their families. They both have money and job problems related to how COVID affected the economy.

Pray for Erika for her struggle with mental health and battle with drugs and drinking. Pray for strength and for a desire to heal and find her way to Jesus.


Please pray for my 21 year old son, Matthew, who is struggling with addiction. He got caught with marijuana Friday night and now has a court date. This has caused a lot of disruption to our family and we need him to be drug free and have a job and get back to college. Thank you for your prayers we are under spiritual attack and we need our son back.



Pray for me as I am going through a divorce. I have found the Lord, but I am still in a hurt and confused position. Pray for me for strength and guidance.


Pray for Jason as he searches for a job.


Pray for Eleece and her family as they are going through troubling times within their family.


Please pray for my Grandma and my older brother.


My 54 yr old son has had 3 strokes. Please pray that his memory will be restored & that he will not lose his job.



Pray that I will be able to stay in Tennessee for the summer.


Pray for strength to overcome my back pain.


Please pray for family unity, marriage issues, and lack of Christian living in our home. We have become stumbling blocks for one another. We need God's guidance, mercy, forgiveness, and conviction.


PRAISE!! Remembering and praising that God is forever on His throne, and in control. He is never surprised or perplexed. He is sufficient, able, and faithful. He alone is worthy. Thank you Lord!


Pray for stamina.


Pray for our marriage. We are a blended family. Pray for wise parenting decisions. Pray for our financial situation. Pray for our mental health.


I have been struggling with finances lately. I know everyone is tired of helping me. I just would like to ask for prayer for my financial situation. Pray that I can keep a job and keep up with my bills. Pray that I will be able to find an affordable place to to live.


Please pray for Clara and her family, Terry, Katelyn, Steve, and Harper.


PRAISE!!! GOD IS GOOD, ALL THE TIME!!! I am thankful for Him taking care of me every step of the way!


Jim called and requested prayer. He is in a nursing home and is able to watch the Bellevue broadcast on TV. Jim asked for prayer for himself and his family.


Vera called and requested prayer. She is having surgery today (Monday, May 23)


Denera called and requested prayer. She and her husband have been married for 32 years. He has struggled with alcohol abuse and it has flared up recently. He has a lot of health problems and alcohol makes it all worse. Denera also has some health issues. She requested prayer for her husband and for herself. She takes care of her husband, but gets weary because things are not changing.


Jan called and requested prayer for her son. He needs counseling.


Jane called and requested prayer. She is having breathing issues. She also requested prayer for a friend whose husband was arrested for domestic abuse.


Tami called and requested prayer. They home they are renting has been sold. She now needs to find a new place to live. She also requested prayer regarding finances.



Thank you Bellevue, thank you Pastor Gaines. After being invited to church there a few years ago, my life is changing. I would love to tell you how it came to be but it would take to long texting. I no longer live in Memphis but I watch by phone or on tv if I don’t have to work and then I will watch later. I am asking for your prayers as I may have a serious medical issue coming Thursday and I’m afraid. Doesn’t say much for my faith does it. Bellevue is the closest I have ever felt to God and I want more. Please pray for me and my wife. Thank you, and God bless this great church and Pastor Gaines. I’m proof that God is working through you.


I fell Wednesday at work on the concrete and my face and knees are all scraped up and I have a concussion. I need prayers that will heal up. Right now I can't remember anything. Please pray I will get my memory back.


My friend’s twin grandson, Matthew, who is 1 year old today, ingested Drano which can be critical or fatal.






I'm displaced & need a hand, but prayer will do.


Please pray for my son Tyler. Pray for complete healing from addiction. Please also pray for healing mentally and better decision making. Prayers God will lead him to the life he wants him to have.



Please pray for Rachel, daughter of Shad and Shelia, had a double mastectomy last week due to breast cancer….she is back in ER with fevers pneumonia and Sepsis.



My wife and our family need prayer for healing and strength. My wife was in a terrible car accident last August where a gentlemen tried to beat a traffic light and turned left hitting her right in driver door and slamming her head on into metal street light pole. This caused severe injury and internal bleeding. In order to save her life from the massive internal bleeding the Med had to do emergency surgery and remove her spleen as she had already lost over half her bodies blood. Well about a month ago she started having pain in her gut and just disregarded it until last Friday when the pain was so bad it crippled her over at work. Her co-worker took her to the ER at St Francis where she was admitted and has been for 10 days now. She had gotten extremely sick and jaundice and couldn’t not eat or even drink water. They ended up inserting a NG tube because MRI showed a blockage in intestine so they were pumping it back out through her nose. Finally Wednesday she had gotten so bad they decided to do exploratory surgery and found the cause of this was due to her guts ascending up to where spleen is supposed to be and there was so much scar tissue from emergency surgery that the intestine was wrapped up in the scar tissue and clamped off. They ended up breaking up a lot of scar tissue and removing the blockage and also had to remove a little over a foot of her intestine. She is slowly improving now but is still in a lot of pain and was just allowed to start eating easy thing such as jello yesterday. Please send prayers our way for her as well as the family as this is been extremely hard on the kids especially our 2 yo daughter who doesn’t understand where or what is wrong with mommy. Not to mention all the other stress factors the devil has put on our family because of this.



I have had a job interview last week and please pray that I get the position, if this is where the Lord is leading me. Thank you.



For sadness to turn to gladness for me and my family. Praying God breaks all generational and familiar curses and spirits off of me and my family/bloodline, and off of my husband and his family/bloodline, and off of generation after generation of ours, in Jesus Name, We had church prayer group, and they prayed over my 2 adult daughters, saying that my 2 daughters are still single due to: familiar, old and/or generational curses, please pray these curses are broken immediately and permanently off of my 2 kids, and off of all of us, and that God rebukes, removes and blocks every evil spirit, every familiar spirit, and every curse, off of my kids, Ashley and Sarah, and off of me, and my husband, and off of all of our family members, including future family members, in-laws, grandkids, praying God protects my family, and me, and delivers us from every evil, and IMMEDIATELY SENDS MY 2 SON IN LAWS, MY 2 GOOD AND GODLY MEN, TO MY 2 DAUGHTERS, TO MEET THEM NOW, TO DATE THEM NOW, TO MARRY THEM NOW, WITHOUT INTERFERENCE, IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME, AMEN AND HALLELUJAH!!!



Dear friends, Please pray for Ukrainian Baptist pastor Alexandre Salfetnikov. He was imprisoned by Russians. They beat him and try to make him to confess that he is American spy and other nonsense. Please pray for God's protection and liberation. Thank you very much!



Please pray for me direction, love and wisdom. I boldly ask in Jesus name amen.



Prayer for my family and I, for God's covering and protection upon our lives, delivering us from all evil, for God to bring healing to my body, breaking all curses and demonic oppressions, prayer for God to lift me up, prepare, strengthen, anointing and filling of His Holy Spirit, grace, favor and guidance as to where to serve.



Please pray for healing for my 4 year old daughter, Luna.


I just need a miracle. My husband is so angry & unkind and it’s just wrecked our family. He is unwilling to change and he thinks everyone else has the problem. I am so heartbroken. I can’t even sleep. I’m so sad over it.



Please pray that God will help my physicians and use them to heal me. Even if He doesn’t, I’ve been blessed with the life He gave me and the family and friends around me. Thank y’all



Please pray for my husband Tory. He is scheduled for surgery this afternoon to remove part of his colon. Pray for his safety and complete healing.



Pray for someone close to my heart, to be freed from the enemy. Pray for repentance.


Praying for a hip replacement soon. The wait is long and the pain is getting worse. Thanks



Please pray for Nathan, Rachael, Stephanie, Donald, Thomas and John. They are my family and need the Holy Spirit to breathe on them today, thank you.



Please pray for Anthony to find work and bring his family to church. Also to be loving to extended family. He’s a Christian, needs strengthen from Christian friends.



Please pray that I can get rid of bronchitis. I have surgery coming up in June and I really need to get well.


Prayer please - urgent and ongoing for restoration of health.


I live in Arizona. I am asking for pray from others in the Body of Christ for rain throughout the American west.


Pray for my family.


Please pray for Leni. She is in her 30s, and she has been in a very bad accident. Leni suffered severe brain trauma and she is in a coma. Pray for wisdom for the doctors. Pray for Leni to be restored to good health. Pray for strength and comfort for her parents.


Pray for JoAnn and Larry. Both of them have COVID. Larry is 80 years old and JoAnn is 78. Both of them have other health issues. Please pray for their COVID cases to be mild and for a complete recovery.


Zachery (18), our son, was involved in a baseball collision with the first baseman. Got back to dugout and had a seizure. He was transported to Vanderbilt in Nashville. He has feeling in his extremities but has a pretty good headache. Please pray for a complete recovery.


Kindly please pray for the healing of Deepak's mental illness. Thank you.



Special prayers for my wife and family. Pray that my wife's health will improve and my business will prosper.


Pray for my dad because he might lose his job and we would have to move. I don't want to move.


I received an email out of the blue concerning a possible career change. I am wondering if this is an answer to prayer. Please pray for me for guidance, clarification, and strength, as this is our of my comfort zone.


My sister spends more time with her boyfriend than she does with our family. Please pray for her.


I pray for an end to the war that is going on and for the people affected by it.


Pray for the following: Rachel - salvation and tolerance; Cheri - health, salvation, facing end of life; Brent - health, salvation; Robert - salvation; Rachel - health and loneliness; Sandra - finances, job, loneliness, and patience; Charles - homosexuality, loneliness


Pray for my mind and my health issues.


Pray for my family, our health, our financial status, our marriage, and our little one. Pray for me in my current job situation.


I've been struggling to make ends meet. Bill, finding a job, being able to save and do right with money. Please pray for me.


Pray that Pastor Jeremy will be cured from cancer.


My daughter and I were evicted due to no fault of my own, but I can't find another house. I work 28/30 days of the month starting my business, but no one will rent to me because of self-employment. A love one is battling addiction and I struggle with anxiety, depression, and sometimes suicidal thoughts. I am just a mom doing all I can.


Please pray that God will deliver/heal me from emotional pain.


Pray for my dad. I don't think he knows the Lord.


Pray for our elderly grandparents who are struggling with their health - Grandma Mary-Alice and Grandma Dorothy.


Pray for my 16 year old daughter. She is struggling mentally with anxiety, panic, anger, and depression. Pray that she turns to the Lord to help her through this.


Pray for my grandpa to get well and to be okay. Pray for my family to be safe and healthy and strong in Jesus. Pray for me to not worry so much.


Please pray for Casey, that God will heal his mind, body, and spirit. Pray for a change in his heart and his mind. Pray that he will return to the Lord.


Pray for missionaries. Pray for my grandma.


Pray for strength, wisdom, and guidance.


Pray that the Supreme Court will do what is right regarding abortion. Babies should be protected.


Pray for our cousin, Marcella, and her husband. They are wanting to have a baby.


Pray for my older brother. Pray for Ukraine.


Pray for our son, Justin. He is a manager at Jim N Nicks BBQ. Pray for unspoken prayers. PRAISE!! Jacob graduated from Mid-America with a degree in youth ministry. Jessica graduated from high school (ECS).


Pray for our family. My nephew, David, lost his life due to drug use. Pray for his wife, Martha. Pray that this will be a wake-up call for her to stop abusing drugs. David was only 22 years old.


Laura called and requested prayer for her family, for personal health, for granddaughters going to college.


Billy called and requested prayer for his wife, Debra. She had a heart cath which revealed blockages in two sections of her heart - 90% and 100%. Debra will undergo open heart surgery on Wednesday.


I am a new mom. I am in a new relationship. I am moving to Memphis from Dallas, TX. Please pray for me as all of this is new in my life.


PRAISE!!! I requested prayer for my 18 year old grandson who was raised in a Christian home, but chose the wrong path. Through much prayer last week, he called home telling his mom that he needed Jesus. They prayed on the phone and he gave his life to Christ. He will be baptized on June 5th in Alabama. God is an awesome God. Thanks for your prayers. My grandson said he wants everyone to know about his decision.


Pray for Carolyn. She has bad pain in her back and she is also nauseated. She will see a doctor today.


Please pray for Tory. He had surgery on Saturday and he is recovering in ICU.

Tim Means

Please pray for my niece Malinda who had a heart attack and is in critical condition. Thank you for your prayers



Please pray for my cat Felix....please pray that he will be healed completely.



My daughter is working in strip clubs and I am praying that she would turn back to God and he could intervene. Please pray she stops .



Please pray with me that God will heal my husband Mike of his cancer. Matthew 18:19



Please pray God works miracles in my situation and restores me and my relationship.



My father, Dennis, is in A fib. He is having a hard time breathing. He is unable to sleep or walk very far. He has been out of work now for 2 weeks. If he doesn’t come out of a fib by Monday they plan to shock his heart. Please pray for complete healing and guidance for his doctors. And peace of mind for my dad, he is of course very anxious about the situation.



Please pray for my father, Dennis. His heart in in a-fig and he is having trouble breathing. This has been going on for 2 weeks. If he doesn't come out of it on his own this weekend, they are going to do a cardio version and shock his heart. Please pray this resolves soon.


I will have a wisdom tooth removed next week. Pray that everything goes will with that. I am also having an upper GI scope done. Pray that the results will be normal. Pray for my digestive issues to be resolved. Pray for my spouse to stop hurting.


I have been asked to pray for Wathian Hudson. My friend asked me to put her brother on the list. Thank you all!



Please pray for my parents (Gene and Judy) as they are both having health issues. Specifically for my mom's MRI on Friday and for my dad who has recently found out he has bladder cancer and is having lots of gastro intestinal problems. Thank you so much! We attend Bellevue and I know that fervent prayers are what we need each and every day!



Pray for Valerie. She is 36 years old and is suffering from effects of COVID. She used to run races, now she can barely walk.


Please pray that bone density tests will show good improvement for my wife and I. We have been taking medication for a year and will have tests May 23 to see if it is helping.



I am so unhappy with my current job and want to find a job where I am happy and that is close to home. Please pray for a job that is closer and that I am happy with.



PRAISE!!! Update on Bob and Nancy, husband and wife who both had COVID. Nancy recovered quickly, but Bob has major health issues and he struggled. But, praise the Lord, both of them are doing well!