Thank you for your commitment to pray for 30 minutes on the third day of each month!  It all begins with prayer.  The following items will help you pray fervently like it matters.



The Third Day of Each Month

As a church, we are setting aside the third day of every month in 2020 as a day of prayer and fasting. We are asking you to commit to pray for 30 minutes on that day, and as the Lord leads you, to also fast. Whether you fast from one meal or for the entire day, please seek God’s presence and power during this time. Please sign up online to pray in your home or in Bellevue’s Prayer Room (open 5:00 a.m.–11:00 p.m.). You can also sign up using a Prayer Commitment Card at the Information Center in the West Lobby.

Recent Prayer Requests

Join us in praying for the prayer requests below.
You may also share your own requests for others to pray for.

I prayed for this

Prayed for 10 times.


I am scheduled to undergo two major screenings soon. The first one is called a Gastro-Duodenoskopie (a screening of the digestive tract from the throat downwards), and the second one is a Colloskopie (screening of the digestive tract from the Colon upwards). To me both sound pretty scary especially after I had to read the possibilities of what complications could occur. Furthermore I had to sign those papers that I had been fully informed.

Please pray for the doctors and the technical staff conducting this operation, that God would give the medical personnel peace of mind and the wisdom they need. I need courage, calmness and a blessed assurance of God's presence and provision before and after the operation. I need to overcome my anxiety.

Received: January 18, 2020

Prayer Room

Hours: 5 a.m.–11 p.m. daily

Our Prayer Room is available to anybody without reservation. This room, equipped with prayer altars around a wooden cross, is perfect for preparing your heart and mind to enter into a time of prayer. Whether you are by yourself, or in a group, our Prayer Room is a great place to pray and to let your requests be made known to God.

Our Prayer Room is also equipped with six individual prayer rooms. We are asking that our members commit to pray in one of these rooms for 30 minutes every week. If you are interested in signing up for one of these rooms, please register here.

Prayer Guide

This prayer guide is a great way to help you structure your prayer time.
Use this resource to pray for Bellevue, Memphis, and the world.

iRespond is a ministry of prayer for a church-affiliated Prayer Volunteer to “adopt” a First Responder for regular prayer. There are two places to be involved—choose one. Pray as part of the …

  1. C.O.P. Partner Ministry (C.O.P.—Counting On Prayer), praying for a Law Enforcement Officer (Police Officer or Sheriff’s Deputy), OR the
  2. L.I.F.R. Partner Ministry (L.I.F.R.—Life Investment First Responder), praying for a Fire Fighter, Rescue, Paramedic, or EMT.
Learn More
How Much Time? Each Prayer Volunteer agrees to pray daily for a First Responder (Law Enforcement Officer or Fire/Rescue Official).

  • The extent of that prayer time is up to the individual. It can be a brief or extended time.
  • Several prayer helps are available in the “My Response”—Prayer Partner Guidelines material to help a Prayer Volunteer in his/her prayer time.
  • The Prayer Volunteer is matched to pray for a First Responder—either a Law Enforcement Officer or a Fire Fighter, Rescue, Paramedic, or EMT.
  • Each Prayer Volunteer will receive the Name and Department of a First Responder (Law Enforcement Officer OR Fire Fighter, Rescue, Paramedic, or EMT) AND receive the “My Response”—Prayer Partner Guidelines for his/her prayer time. This material gives specifics on how to pray for a First Responder and suggestions for different areas of prayer.