Recreation Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my child for a sport?

Current registrations are located on the Recreation Ministry landing page.  Registration for a youth or adult sport is open for one month, with up to an additional 7 days of late registration.  After the late registration passes, you may contact the Recreation Ministry office at to place your name (your child’s name) on the Waiting List.

What is the refund policy for our sports leagues?

A full refund may be issued, if you notify our staff before Registration ends.  A partial refund may be issued if we are notified after the Registration ends and before the 1st game.  NO refunds after the 1st scheduled game.

What are the age requirements to participate?

For all Youth Sports, leagues are created based on grade level, as determined by the Shelby County Schools age parameters.  All youth sports are also divided by gender.

For all Adult Sports, participants must be 18 years old.

For Fitness Classes, participants must be 18 years old OR a high school student with a parent participating in the program.

Can I choose the night I (my child) practice/play?

No.  Schedules are determined based on the number of teams in a league and the amount of court/field space available each night.

Can I pick my (child's) coach/teammates?

On the registration form, there is a Request field where you can request a coach or teammate.

Please be aware, in Youth Sports, every effort is made to organize evenly-matched teams in each division to provide a competitive and enjoyable environment for each participant.  We do our best to honor as many coach/teammate requests possible, but requests are not guaranteed (with the exception of same-gender siblings, whose grade puts them in the same division).

Can I play, even though I don't attend Bellevue?

We’d love to have you! All youth sports, adults sports, fitness classes, and lifetime sports groups are open to any member of our community.

I'm not sure what size uniform to select. Can I (my child) try on a sample?

We do not have samples of each uniform in the Recreation Ministry.  Please use this sizing chart to help determine the correct size for you or your child.

Now that I'm (my child is) registered, what's next?

First, make sure you received a confirmation email with your registration details for you (the child or children) you registered.  If you did not receive a confirmation email of your registration, contact the Recreation Ministry office at