Wednesdays (Shift)

The spring semester for Shift is an exciting time for our 4th + 5th grade students! Every Wednesday night, our preteen students learn how to use the gifts God has given them for His glory. Click here to register for the musical or one of our classes.

Shift will begin on Wednesday, January 4th with our big spring kickoff for all 4th + 5th grade students. All of our specific groups will begin on Wednesday, January 11th.

Many of our students take part in the 4th + 5th Grade Musical where they will have the opportunity to sing, stage scenes, join large-group choreography, and audition for dramatic roles. Each week’s activities will include fellowship, games, discipleship, and prayer as our preteens develop their God-given talents. Mark your calendars now for the 4th+ 5th Grade Musical on May 7th!

We will also have other great options on Wednesday nights for 4th and 5th graders who are not interested in taking part in the musical. Other options for students include:

  • Bible Drill
    Learning the Bible is vital in a young Christian’s walk with God. Bible Drill is a fun and challenging way for 4th and 5th grade students to memorize Scripture and learn God’s Word.
  • Creation vs. Evolution
    Take a deeper look at the creation account in the Bible and learn how our world isn’t a random occurrence.
  • Heart to Heart
    Moms and daughters will explore and discuss life, relationships, and purity together in this class. (Mothers are required to attend with their daughters). Cost is $10 for materials.
  • Learning Lifehacks
    Preteens will have a blast learning how to combine various items to repurpose them into something useful while also concentrating on the greatest lifehack of all, the Bible.
  • Teamwork & Leadership
    Students will learn to work as a team to complete various tasks and take turns leading to overcome obstacles throughout the semester.
  • Videography
    Aspiring filmmakers will learn the steps of telling a story through video by framing shots, working with camera and lighting equipment, and editing the final cut.

Click here to register for the musical or one of our classes.