Six “Principles” To Consider In Your Personal Ministry

The only way we get the things of God is to wait. Are you really thirsty for the Lord?

Drew Tucker

Associate Pastor

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1. Put God First/ Principle of Priority
a. Matthew 6:33
b. Psalm 42:1-2 • Are you really thirsty for the things of God?
c. Psalm 118: 8-9
d. Psalm 130: 5-6 • In a world where we have access immediately, do we patiently wait? • The only way we get the things of God is          to wait. We live in a distracted, fast pace world, while trying to pursue a perfect life!

2. Take Out The Trash/ Principle of Transformation
a. Romans 12:2
b. Take responsibility of your own trash. Own your own “stuff.”

3. Do Your Own Dishes/ Principle of Responsibility
a. Luke 16:10 • Be faithful with what God has given you.
• Bloom where you are planted! If something needs to be done, then do it!

4. Write It Down/ Principle of Clarity
a. Proverbs 20:5
• The greatest thing you can say sometimes is, “No.”
o What are some things you need to stop doing?
o Make a list. Write it down.

5. Do It Now/ Principle of Inertia
a. Proverbs 24:30-34 • If the Lord prompts you to do something, then do it.

6. Turn It Off/ Principle of Restoration
a. Hebrews 4:9-11
b. Mark your calendars when you should rest. If you don’t rest, you’ll become empty and will not serve well.


Discussion on Personal Ministry Principles:

• You are not the savior of the ministry!
• Have a humble, broken mentality!
• Rejoice in other people’s ministry!
• How can you be humble? Be reminded of the gospel.
• When you lead, you want the ministry to go on without you!
• It’s hard to give it away when you are the responsible party.
• Train leaders up well and give them room to fail.
• They aren’t going to get stronger if they don’t struggle.
• Jesus did it for the disciples, with the disciples, and then sent them out