Southeast Asia

“It can be a challenge to arrange prayer partners, raise money, and take time off for a mission trip, but the blessings are life changing. We have been all over the world, but our favorite trips are to Southeast Asia. Unfortunately, some countries are quickly closing their borders to the Gospel. That is why the situation is so critical that we send teams to these countries. They are so appreciative of American believers coming so far to help them in their walk with Christ. We learn so much about them, their culture, and also their struggles to serve our Lord. They don’t expect much, just true believers helping them win others to Christ and grow in their walk with Christ.”

—Nathan and Susie Wright


Pray for our brothers and sisters currently serving in dif cult regions. Give to the financial needs of those participating in missions projects in these areas of the world.

Contact Bellevue’s Missions Office.

(901) 347-5540

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