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HiS Choir

Who will be directing the choir
Andrew Smith

What time will choir rehearse?
Tuesdays 3:40-4:45. Choir will meet 15 weeks in the Fall semester and 15 weeks in the Spring semester.

Where does HiS Choir rehearse?
In Bellevue’s Choir Room. (Enter through the West Lobby, walk to the left of the large staircase, and go straight through the hallways in front of you.)

Who can participate in HiS Choir?
The choir is open to homeschool students in grades 7 – 12.  No prior music education or experience is required.

Is there an audition to participate?
HiS choir does not require an audition, but the HiS Choir Ensemble does. The ensemble is a smaller group that meets after HiS Choir rehearsal.

Will my student perform?
Yes, at least one concert in the Fall and one in the Spring. Other performance such as at nursing homes and for special events will be up to the directors. 

Can my student participate/audition in any Honor Choirs?
Yes. HiS Choir students will be eligible for West Tennessee Vocal Music Educators Association events such as All West, All State, and Solo and Ensemble.

choir leader:

Andrew Smith

Andrew Smith