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Piano/Keyboard (Center for Music in Worship)

See rates below for your specific fees. All lessons are taught on campus at Bellevue Baptist Church.

In the Center for Music in Worship, piano/keyboard instruction will be tailored to that of worship music. Students will still learn the fundamentals of reading music, playing chords, and learning rhythms. After the fundamentals are mastered that emphasis swings toward learning music of a contemporary genre, and also toward learning the technology skills needed to produce click tracks, use keyboard effects, and other synthesizer skills that are useful for modern worship music styles.

Piano/keyboard Students in the Center for Music in Worship are also highly encouraged to participate in WorshipU, a free, contemporary Christian worship training band that meets Thursdays from 4:30-6:00. The goal of this program is to incorporate the skills you’re learning in private lessons, and utilize them in a band setting where you will learn, grow, and lead worship from time to time as a band. WorshipU is taught by worship leaders in Bellevue’s music ministry.