“Did you ever notice how The Brady Bunch got just about all their stepfamily challenges worked out in the first episode?” asks Ron Deal of Successful Stepfamilies. Ron works alongside a growing number of ministries coaching people to use biblical principles to overcome the challenges of blending families. Any home where one spouse brings children from a prior relationship knows that real life is much harder than it was for the Brady family. Blended families need an extra measure of intentionality.family-473996_960_720

Are you are stepfamily? Do you know a stepfamily? Come to be encouraged and to encourage others.

Join us for the Stepfamily Workshop on Sunday, June 19. Adults will meet at Bellevue’s Appling Campus in Fireside D at 9:30 a.m. Children and students are invited to participate in Sunday morning programming in age-appropriate classes.

Visit Bellevue.org/homepoint or a Home Point Resource Center on campus for additional family resources.