Bellevue Women

Have questions about Bellevue’s Women’s Ministry?

Check out this list of frequently asked questions!

How do I get involved with Women's Ministry?
Bellevue’s Women’s Ministry provides special events, Bible studies, and ministry opportunities for women. Check the website for all the current offerings, or contact the Women’s Ministry office at (901) 347-5730.
Is Childcare provided?
Preschool childcare is provided for children at no cost whose mothers are enrolled in Women’s Ministry studies and events.

Adventure Kids, a program for home-schooled children grades 1-5, meets on Tuesday mornings. For more information, call Childcare at (901) 347-5790.

How much does it cost to participate?
There is no fee for the Bible studies. The only expense is for the purchase of Bible study materials. Special events are priced individually.
How do I purchase my Bible Study materials?
You may purchase your Bible study materials on the first day of class.
Can non-members participate?
Absolutely. Women’s Ministry welcomes all women to our studies and events.
When do you offer Bible Studies?
Women’s Ministry meets in the fall from September to November and in the spring from January to April.
May I request to be in a particular small group?
Yes, Women’s Ministry will seek to honor that request when possible.