Working Well with Volunteers

Inviting people to serve should not be about what you want FROM people, it should be about what you want FOR people.

Ken Hindman

Pastor, Children's Ministry

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Volunteer Defined: Willing, Called, and Committed

• Matthew 28:19, Ephesians 4:11-16
• One-on-one conversations o Listen more than you talk.
• Invite to the “WHY” instead of the “WHAT” o Real Ministry vs. Event “Help”
• Compliment the person, not the clothes • Right-eye communication


• Provide Resources
• Training, Communication, Curriculum, Consumables
• Meet Needs


• Listen more than you talk
• Be patient o Not everyone is operating at the same level as you.
• How many hours can a volunteer give?
• A volunteer-only has so much time in their week to give.


• Say “thank you” often
• Cards, gifts, food, coffee, books, etc…)
• Pray for your volunteers