30 Years Later–

Paul Adams, Bellevue Librarian, retires after more than 30 years of service.

“The Lord has a special place of ministry for those who seek His will for their lives,” said Paul Adams, Bellevue Librarian. “There is no greater joy than being used by the Lord in the ministry He has for you.”

For Paul, the ministry God called him to was serving as the Director of the Bellevue Library beginning in October 1989 at the previous Bellevue location in Midtown. Although he is a lifelong Memphian, Paul didn’t begin attending Bellevue until 1982, just seven years before pursuing a full-time career at the church.

Now, nearly 31 years later, we would like to take a moment to thank Paul for his dedicated years of ministry to our church, congratulate him on his retirement, and pray for and encourage him as he enters his next stage of life.

As Library Director, Paul has been responsible for acquiring and organizing the latest and most relevant Christian materials in a way that can be easily and readily available to Library visitors. Along with other responsibilities, Paul also managed the church archives and served with the Bellevue Historical Committee to preserve church history. Paul says helping those who come into the Library brings him great joy. He loves “helping visitors find the right material to meet their personal problems or needs: their spiritual growth needs and their Christian entertainment needs.”

Paul expresses great love for Bellevue and great admiration for the ministry with which God has entrusted him for the majority of his working life.

“I have a real God-given passion for this work and have loved every minute of my time here,” he said. “I am thankful the Lord placed His direction in my life and allowed me to serve Him in such a special place as Bellevue. I have been blessed with a wonderful staff and so many faithful, dedicated volunteers. I love them all.”

In retirement, Paul plans to spend much time with his family, serving alongside his brother and sister in their respective church ministries in East Tennessee and Florida, as well as remain active in serving at Bellevue through the Library and other volunteer opportunities. “I love the lifelong ministry the Lord has given me in Library service,” Paul concludes.