Our church is answering the call to share Jesus throughout the world until Jesus comes back. God has equipped our body of believers with a variety of resources and opportunities to help you get involved to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond.
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To the Ends of the Earth

Learn how our church is reaching the ends of the Earth with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how you can begin obeying the command of Jesus to “Go and make disciples of all the Earth” (Matthew 28:19 summarized). As we turn our focus internationally in 2023, find out how you can engage with the Americas, East Africa, Southeast Asia, and Central Asia.

Do you want to invest in what God is doing around the globe?

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There are a variety of ways for you to get involved in service opportunities within our church, throughout our city, and around the world.


The best way we can seek to be a catalyst for spiritual awakening in Memphis and beyond is by serving right here in our city!


In 2019, Bellevue introduced Pathways as a way for its members to come alongside and volunteer with established ministries in Memphis.

Legacy Thrift Center

Legacy Thrift Center, formerly Bibles for China Thrift Center, is one of many stores in the U.S. operating under The Bibles for Missions Ministry.

Christian Mobile Dental Clinic

The Christian Mobile Dental Clinic (CMDC) works with local churches and organizations to provide free dental care to Memphis.


With partnerships all around the world, our church has several opportunities for you to serve the nations.

Missions Projects

Missions projects are trips and initiatives our church offers each year that contribute to a variety of ministries.

Send Out Training

Are you considering or pursuing a call to missions? We have developed a 10-week training program to help prepare individuals for mid-term to long-term ministry.

Pioneer Evangelism

Pioneer Evangelism (PE) is a church-planting effort based solely upon the ministry of Jesus developed by Dr. Wade Akins in efforts of strengthening existing churches and starting new churches around the world.

Join us in praying for God’s work happening around the globe and the countless missionaries who have answered the call to reach the nations.

What is the missionary task?

The missionary task is a tool used by the International Mission Board (IMB) to describe the work of the missionary. They have identified six components of this work: entry, evangelism, discipleship, healthy church formation, leadership training, and strategically planned exit to partnership.

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