Office of the Pastor

Steve Gaines
David Coombs
Administrative Pastor
Drew Tucker
Associate Pastor
Jason Pyron
Ministries and Leadership Development Pastor


Mark Blair
Minister of Music
Jeff Maxwell
Pastor, Contemporary Worship
Josh Stewart
Pianist/Music Technology
Cindy Kenney
Director, Children and Preteen Music
Kaleb Gooden
Associate Minister, Music
Andrew Smith
Associate Minister, Music Director, School of Performing Arts
Owen Westbrooks
Associate Worship Leader


Derek Ewalt
Pastor, Bellevue Men, Teaching, and Recreation
Sam McElroy
Pastor, Legacy Adults
Bill Street
Pastor, Discipleship, Prayer, and Evangelism
Alex León
Pastor, Connections
Josiah Gwyn
Director, Young Couples and Home Groups
Dayna Street
Director, Bellevue Women
Peggy Williams
Director, Women's Groups
Ozzy Wei
Assistant Director, Young Couples and Equip

Bella Vista

Mario Maldonado
Pastor, Bellevue Bella Vista
Samuel Garcia
Pastor, Education
Yusin Pons
Pastor, Worship

Business Admin

Chip Freeman
Administrator, Church Business
Don Ray
Director, Human Resources
Amanda Rutledge
Director, Accounting
Nathan Barley
Administrator, Software


Mike Everett
Director, Security Services
Rick Jones
Manager, Bookstore and Library
Kevin Haley
Administrator, Facility and Grounds
Mark Alexander
Director, Design Services
Debbie Campbell
Director, Hospitality
Peter Katsotis
Manager, Culinary


Noah Sidhom
Pastor, Creative Arts
Larry Anderson
Pastor, Media
Faith Armstrong
Development Director, Media
Abbey Dane
Creative Director, Media
Alex Ertz
Technical Director, Media
Melissa Gray
Senior Producer, Media
Bruce McMinn
Art Director, Media
Tony Morris
Operations Director, Media
Caleb New
Production Director, Media
Mitsie Witherspoon
Promotion Director, Media


Ben Taylor
Minister, Missions
Kent Mathis
Minister, National and International Missions
Ross McGregor
Minister, Local Missions
Jennifer Teed
Director, Christian Mobile Dental Clinic
Taylor Rivera
Director, Local Missions

Next Gen

Chris Hall
Pastor, 4th+5th Grade
Christy McGregor
Director, 4th+5th Grade
Cory O’Hara
Pastor, Middle School
Morgan Corum
Director, Middle School
Steve Spence
Pastor, High School
Bri Anderson
Director, High School
Daniel Harris
Pastor, College
Dakota Tucker
Director, College
Tanya Franks
Director, Young Adults

Next Steps and Leadership Development

Nathan Stanfield
Pastor, Next Steps
Brian Foley
Director, Next Steps

Pastoral Care and Biblical Counseling

Jeff Howard
Minister, Pastoral Care
Jamie Fish
Minister, Biblical Counseling
Kevin Arnold
Counselor, Biblical Counseling

Preschool and Children’s

Ken Hindman
Pastor, Preschool and Children
Matt Pyburn
Director, Bellevue Tutorial
Paula Hise
Director, Babies
Avery Hand
Creative Director, Preschool and Children
Riley Anderson
Minister, Children
Violet Davidson
Director, Special Needs Ministry
Johnny Scott
Director, KidVue Worship Junior
Andrew Clinton
Director, Grades 1st–3rd
Sue Stacks
Office Manager, Preschool and Children
Michelle Barber
Director, Older Preschool (Pre-K–Kindergarten)


Derek Ewalt
Pastor, Bellevue Men, Teaching, and Recreation
Jordan Bowman
Assistant Director, Recreation