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There are many types of Groups offered at Bellevue. Some focus on a season of life, while others address specific situations in life. Regardless of what Group you choose to take part in, you are sure to strengthen your relationship with the Lord and others.

Growth happens in Groups

God uses Groups to bring about transformation in the lives of His people. Our Bellevue family believes the best way to get connected with other believers and to grow your walk with the Lord is to first Worship with us, then join a Group, and finally Serve others in meaningful ways.

Life Groups

Group meetings are offered on Saturdays and Sundays with a few options offered during the week.

No matter your age or stage in life, our weekly Life Groups help you connect with others like you and with God in a fresh way. Life Groups are designed to help you grow as a believer, to have victory in your daily walk with the Lord, and to serve Him with your own unique gifts and talents. These Groups are also known as one of the best ways for someone to get involved and find community at Bellevue.

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Discipleship Groups

Group meetings are offered at various times and locations throughout the week.

Being discipled is one of the most intentional ways to deepen your walk with the Lord. And making disciples is necessary for believers who want to do the will of God (Matthew 28:19–20). For the Christian who desires to live a life of obedience, he/she must be focused on discipling others and being discipled themself.  

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Equip Groups

Classes are offered primarily on Wednesday evenings with a few scheduled on alternative days.

Find a Group in your Equip class. These classes usually last 10–12 weeks and are focused on learning and growing in your walk with Christ as you develop Christian relationships. From learning how to biblically manage your finances, to being trained as a foster parent, or connecting with other women for Bellevue Women’s latest Bible study, Equip classes help everyone involved go deeper in their walk with the Lord.

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Life Solutions

Group meetings are offered at various times and locations throughout the week.

When you face life’s problems, Bellevue wants to help you find Life Solutions. These Groups are designed to help you discover hope, find support as others walk alongside you, and celebrate victory in Christ. Visit our Life Solutions page to learn more about the current Group meetings being offered.

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