“Going Farther” in Intimacy with Jesus

This week, we welcome guest writer Jamie Fish, as he celebrates 30 years at Bellevue.

Studying the gospel of Luke, I arrived at a frequently quoted passage: Luke 24:1335 NIV. I have heard several messages on this text over the years. However, I found myself drawn to an obscure statement that serves as a great challenge to me today.

After the resurrection, two people are walking from Jerusalem to Emmaus. Jesus begins traveling with them, listening to them recount the crucifixion and the report of an empty tomb. He asks what they are discussing. Not knowing who their new traveling companion is, they respond, –are you the only visitor to Jerusalem who doesn’t know the things that have happened–? (Luke 27:18). Playing along, Jesus asks, What things? (Luke 27:19).

We understand their eyes were prevented from recognizing Him (Luke 24:16). In third person, Jesus describes the necessity for Messiah to suffer, –beginning with Moses and with all the prophets, He explained to them the things concerning Himself in all the Scriptures(Luke: 24:27).

The next verse reveals an interesting portion of the story that made me take a closer look. Luke 24:48 says, … they approached the village where they were going, and He (Jesus) acted as though He were going farther.

This is an odd comment–don’t you think? Why did He give the impression that He would continue on? Clearly, Jesus had more in the tank. He was willing, yet waiting, for His traveling companions to ask Him to continue with them. His “going farther” was to see if they wanted to “go farther” with Him.

What if they had not insisted Jesus come back? They would have missed the glorious crescendo to their interaction with Him, and we would have as well! Thankfully, they did insist!

Jesus is willing to “go farther” with us too. I am finding that there is another level of intimacy with Jesus for us if we are willing to “go farther” with Him.