GRACE Building (Gym)

Enforcing GRACE Building Policies

The GRACE Building Policies have been created for us to be faithful stewards of the blessings we’ve been given by serving Bellevue members, their families, guests, and the community to be the best of our ability, as the Lord directs.

We ask that you abide by these policies in your time as a participant at the GRACE Building.


A participant is any Bellevue member, guest of a member, or individual attending any event hosted by Bellevue’s Recreation Ministry who has correctly checked in at the front desk.

GRACE Building Policies


  • Members and their guests must all sign in at the check-in computer at the front desk.
  • If your guest is not in the system, a Recreation Ministry staff member can assist with this process.
  • If any personal information needs to be updated, you may request an Information Update form from the front desk volunteer.


  • Basketballs are available on ball racks throughout the gyms. Members, nor their guests, are allowed to bring their own basketballs.
  • Weights, resistance bands, and other workout equipment are available upstairs. Members are not allowed to bring their fitness equipment into the building.
  • Exercise balls and mats in Gym C are for fitness classes and the personal trainer use only.

Dress Code

  • Shirts may be sleeveless, but tank tops of any kind are not allowed. Shirts must cover all of the rib cage, shoulders, and stomach.
  • Shorts must be loose-fitting and at least fingertip length (mid-thigh).
  • Only tennis shoes are allowed on the gym floors. Cleats and black-soled shoes leave scuffs and marks on the floor.

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