Honor Your Father


An activity to express honor to dads

“Honor your–father” (Exodus 20:12). “HONOR” is a hard word for children to relate to and understand. This activity will help your children express honor to Dad (or other special authority figure). Ask the questions below and discuss the general responses:

  1. When an American flag is raised and the Star Spangled Banner is sung, what do most people do with their right hand? (place their hand over their heart)
  2. When a general walks in to a group of soldiers, what do the soldiers do? (salute)
  3. When a teacher asks a question to his/her class, what do students do if they know the answer? (raise their hand)
  4. When the judge walks in the courtroom, how do people respond? (they stand until the judge is seated)
  5. What do you do when you see a friend across the park? (you wave to say “hello”)

What do these general responses mean? (Gratefulness, respect, friendliness, kindness–and honor) change your actions to show him honor?

  1. Give your father a hug when he comes home from work. (yes)
  2. Ask your dad to play with you after dinner. (yes)
  3. Get angry when your dad takes a friend to dinner. (no)
  4. Ask your dad to pray with you at bedtime. (yes)
  5. Pout when your father asks you to do your chores. (no)
  6. Argue with your dad when it’s time to do your homework. (no)
  7. Surprise your dad by making him a thank-you card. (yes)

Each of these positive actions shows your father he is important and valuable to you. You are HONORING him. Discuss creative ways you could show honor to your dad this week. As a family, take time to pray for dad. “Dear Jesus, thank you for my dad. He loves us so much, and he works hard for our family. Give dad wisdom as he leads us. Help us to honor him every day. Amen.”