Pray Fervently Like It Matters

In times of crisis, what is your first response? Do you turn to things of this world? Do you call your fellow brothers and sisters in Christ for support and encouragement? What about the power of prayer–do you turn to your heavenly Father?

On Friday, June 26, Mack Hindman, one of our Recreation Ministerial Assistants and son of our Preschool and Childrens Ministry Pastor Ken Hindman, was in a swimming accident that resulted in a severe spinal cord injury. Those who heard the news knew the most important thing to do–pray.

By nature, I like being able to fix problems, but when I heard the news, I felt helpless because I knew there was absolutely nothing I could do to fix it, explained Katie Moser, Director of Recreation. The only thing I knew to do was to pray and encourage other people to pray, too. Things happen when people pray, and we trust in a God who does miracles, so prayer was the most important thing to do!” 

Less than 24 hours after the accident, Katie and approximately 35 other Bellevue staff members gathered to intercede on Macks behalf.

Bellevue staff were not the only ones who began to lift up the Hindmans. Immediately following the June 27 evening worship service, other members gathered on the top of a parking garage at the medical center downtown, where Mack was hospitalized.

I thought maybe eight or nine families would come,said Amanda Desmarais, one of the Bellevue members who coordinated the prayer meeting. We had no idea how many would show up, but the Lord brought around 60 people together that evening! I was in awe seeing Gods hand move so powerfully. When we met on top of the parking garage, we had no idea we would be able to actually see and pray over the exact building Mack was in. The irony was confirmation that God was doing something bigger than any one of us.

But, again, prayer didnt stop there as the Bellevue family continued to fervently pray for Mack. On Monday, June 29, approximately 100 people gathered on the top of the parking garage again to pray over Mack, the Hindmans, and the medical experts working with them.  I believe prayer has a significant and powerful effect, said Aimee Coccodrilli, another prayer meeting coordinator.

I believe prayer is a gift of God that we can give back to God,Aimee said.

Additional grassroots prayer efforts continued to surface on social media with photos urging people to to Pray for a Miracle for Mack and dozens of profile pictures and Instagram stories with the reminder, Pray for Mack.

After two surgeries, at least three prayer meetings, and thousands of prayers, Mack has made good progress and regained feeling and partial movement in his hands and arms. He has also been accepted into a rehabilitation hospital in Atlanta, Georgia, where he will be transferred in the coming days. The fight is not over! With thousands of people now praying, we ask that you continue to lift the following requests to God.

  • Pray for COMPLETE HEALING. From his head to his toes, we are praying the Lord will do a miraculous work. We read many times in the Bible where God did things because His people prayed. We also read many times about how He brought complete healing over people. He is the same God today, and we pray for healing believing that He will!
  • Pray for PROTECTION FROM THE ENEMY. As Christians, we know the battle is more than flesh and blood; it is a battle of the spirit. Pray Macks mind will be completely protected from the enemy. Due to current social distancing restrictions, there have been times when Mack has been on his own. We know God has been and will continue to be with Mack every single second of his life, and we pray he will always feel the comfort of the Lord even more now than ever–that there would not be one moment where he feels alone.
  • Pray for STRENGTH. Mack is a strong guy! But the next few months are going to require a strength beyond what he knows during rehab. Pray the Lord would strengthen Mack and give him the power and ability to make miraculous progress.
  • Pray for THE HINDMAN FAMILY. Pray for Ken, Kristina, and David as they support Mack. As they have already, they will continue to face new challenges. We pray and declare that the enemy has no place in their family! Pray for peace, comfort, and rest as they navigate this time, that their minds will stay focused on the Lord, and that they will also never feel alone.

You have the opportunity to support the Hindman family financially by giving to the Benevolence Fund. Together, we will assist in providing for the travel, medical, and ongoing rehabilitation needs of Mack and his family. If you would like to help, you can give to the Benevolence Fund online or mail a check payable to Bellevue Baptist Church that has “Benevolence” written on the memo line to 2000 Appling Road, Cordova, Tennessee, 38016.