Through the Eyes of God

What would you do if you could truly see the world as God sees it? Bringing it closer to home, what would you do if you could truly see your neighbors the way God sees them?

Sometimes, we fail to serve those around us because we live our lives according to our own temporary, earthly perspective. We make plans according to what we want in the moment and then fill up our calendars so much that we don’t have time to do what God actually calls us to.

But, then there are those who choose to see life through the eyes of God–those who see people the way Jesus sees us all: Seeing the people, He felt compassion for them– (Matthew 9:36).

Peggy Fillinger and Brandie Tenorio are great examples of people like that.

It only took one visit for Peggy and Brandie to fall in love with the people of Goodwill Church, one of Bellevue’s Serve Out Pathway Partners. Six years later, Peggy still serves at the church, and Brandie has now served at the church for almost a year.

Through this long-term commitment, Brandie explains how she is able to develop real relationships with the people in Goodwill Village. By serving every week, we are able to consistently minister to the families there. We are building true friendships with them which allows us to see God working in people’s lives in North Hollywood first-hand.

As moms come to Bible studies, Peggy shared, I am also able to watch their kids grow in their knowledge of Gods Word.” 

Peggys and Brandies commitment to ongoing service perfectly displays that Bellevue Loves Memphis is not a one-time opportunity.

The heartbeat behind Bellevue Loves Memphis is to share the Gospel and then stay involved by befriending, discipling, and loving our neighbors.

Take a look around. Look at the world through the eyes of God. If you do, you’ll discover what Brandie has found to be true in her own life: God will allow you to see others the way He sees them, and in return, He will give you a heart of compassion to share who He is with them.

For more information on serving with Goodwill Church or another Bellevue Loves Memphis Serve Out Pathway Partner, visit